Three of the most scenic drives in the UK.

Scenic Drives in Britain: Here are the 13 most beautiful drives in the UK according to new research - including four in Scotland

If you fancy taking a road trip then these are the routes that will leave you awestruck by their beauty.

With nearly half (48 percent) of the nation planning to take at least two road trips this festive season, new research has revealed the country’s most awe-inspiring, breath-taking and peaceful routes to experience by car.

The study commissioned by online car hire company Drivalia also found that 59 per cent of drivers prefer to take a scenic route to their destination rather than a boring motorway.

When it comes to the ingredients of a perfect road trip, snacks for the journey (57 per cent), great company (49 per cent), a fantastic playlist to listen to (46 per cent) and stopping at a pub for lunch (42 per cent) would all feature.

Stopping to break the journey up (41 per cent), having someone to share the driving with (38 per cent), a flask of tea or coffee (35 per cent) and a camera to capture amazing scenery (34 per cent) are also must haves.

A spokesperson for Drivalia said: “The UK is an amazing place to travel with so many beautiful driving routes on our doorstep. From the amazing rugged beauty of Scotland, the outstanding vistas of Wales, iconic backdrops in Northern Ireland and the wonderful journeys that stretch across the rolling scenery of England, the research shows that there are an abundance of beautiful places to stop, take a breath and enjoy the wonderful peace when driving around the country."

So here are the best routes to take where the journey will be as stunning as the destination.

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