The Scotsman’s (really) big quiz of the year 2017

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Were you paying attention this year? Test your knowledge of 2017 with The Scotsman’s big quiz of the year.

There are ten sections, each with ten questions so you might want a pen a paper at the ready. The answers to all the questions can be found here: The Scotsman’s big quiz of the year answers.

2017 saw Kezia Dugdale enter the I'm A Celebrity jungle, Celtic won the treble without losing a domestic match, Theresa May's snap election backfired, and The Queensferry Crossing was opened.

2017 saw Kezia Dugdale enter the I'm A Celebrity jungle, Celtic won the treble without losing a domestic match, Theresa May's snap election backfired, and The Queensferry Crossing was opened.

Good luck!


1 Which MSP quit as a Scottish Government minister after a sexual harassment complaint?

2 Which legendary UK entertainer died on 18 August aged 89 after a battle with ill health?

3 Which senior Labour figure described Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson as a “caggy-handed, cheese-headed fop doodle with a talent for slummocking about”?

4 The Queensferry Crossing - the world’s longest, three tower, cable-stayed bridge - was officially opened in September. How much did it cost to build?

5 Name the Scottish teenager whose “ugly-beautiful” face propelled him to the front covers of the world’s leading fashion magazines and into the news headlines this year.

6 Which Scottish sporting superstar became a father for the second time this year?

7 In June’s snap general election, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn defied predictions to overturn a double-digit poll lead and deny Theresa May a majority in the Commons. At which major musical event was he given a rapturous reception following the result?

8 How many people died in the Grenfell Tower fire?

9 This year’s local authority elections saw Labour lose control of Glasgow City Council for the first time in decades. Which SNP councillor was subsequently named city leader?

10 The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season was among the most destructive since records began in 1851, with 10 hurricanes battering the Caribbean and the US. One even hit the UK and Ireland, turning the sun orange. What was it called?


1 Which star of T2 Trainspotting was named best male actor at the Scottish BAFTAs in November?

2 Which former Doctor Who star appeared on the red carpet at the Glasgow Film Festival in February to unveil his new film?

3 Who read out the wrong winner of the Best Picture prize at the Oscars in February?

4 Name the British accountancy firm whose staff were responsible for the Oscars clanger.

5 Who did Chris Evans claim was a VIP listener to his radio show in May?

6 Who had to leave I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! early in November following allegations of racism and homophobia in old tweets?

7 Name the twins born to Beyonce and Jay-Z in June.

8 Which US actress announced in September that she had had a kidney transplant?

9 Who was named as the new Doctor Who in July?

10 Which grime artist claimed his front door was kicked in by police officers who thought he was a burglar in February?


1 Which retail industry figure admitted to binge power drinking with colleagues and advisors?

2 Which banking boss was publicly reprimanded by his board for trying to identify a whistle-blower within his organisation?

3 Name the Scottish brewer that was given a £1 billion valuation earlier this year?

4 Standard Life merged with which other Scottish financial institution this year?

5 Which Scottish fashion chain floated on the stock market in July?

6 Name the Edinburgh housebuilder that was bought by private equity group Bridgepoint for £655m?

7. What level was the VAT threshold frozen at for businesses in the autumn Budget?

8. Which Scots logistics heavyweight saw a possible tie-up with industry peer DX Group fall apart this year?

9. Which convenience store chain saw its annual sales top £1 billion for the first time? McColl’s

10. How many Scottish branches did Royal Bank of Scotland announce it planned to close in December?

Arts and Culture

1 Why was history made at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards in August this year?

2 Which anniversary was celebrated by three of Edinburgh’s arts festivals in August?

3 Which act won the Scottish Album of the Year award in June?

4 Which company took over the running of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations ahead of the 25th event?

5 Which Dundee Rep production took most honours at the Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland in June?

6 Which iconic figure from Scottish history inspired a major exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland?

7 Name the playwright who had not one, not two, but three plays in this year’s Edinburgh International Festival programme?

8 Who won the Saltire Society Scottish Book of the Year Award?

9 Which Japanese architect visited Dundee in October to check on progress of the V&A museum he has designed for the city’s waterfront?

10 Which town’s library won the Doolan Prize for Scotland’s building of the year in November?


1 Apart from Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson name five SNP MPs who lost their seats at the 2017 snap election?

2 What big sporting event did Tory MP Douglas Ross admit that he would have to miss after getting in a row about his second job?

3 What was peculiar about Theresa May’s door knocking expedition to meet members of the public in Banchory before the General Election?

4 Name Theresa May’s close advisers who quit in the aftermath of her disastrous General Election campaign?

5 What was the price paid by the Tories for working in partnership with the DUP in a hung parliament?

6 What did Boris Johnson do in the Shwedagon Padoga on an official visit to Myanmar that saw him scolded by the British Ambassador?

7 Which key Brexit issue saw a phone call from the DUP drag Theresa May out of a working lunch with Jean Claude Juncker?

8 Alex Salmond’s media career caused controversy when he announced that his chat show would be broadcast on which television channel?

9 Which SNP MSP did Kezia Dugdale announce she was in a relationship with when she was still Labour leader?

10 Which Conservative did Kezia Dugdale grudgingly admit she quite liked after they appeared on I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here.”

Food and drink

1 Which gin - made in Dundee - was the surprise winner of the Best Scottish Gin prize at the first ever Scottish Gin Awards in September?

2 It was announced in October that three famous ‘lost’ whisky distilleries are set to be reopened in the next few years, can you name them?

3 Plans for the first ever Scottish farm for which luxury food item were announced this December?

4 A dram of which distillery’s single malt bought by a Chinese tourist at a St Moritz hotel for £10,000 turned out to be a fake in August this year?

5 In September, a Scottish jam company created the world’s largest version of which tasty treat?

6 The winner of this year’s World Porridge Making Championships was from which country?

7 In August, a coffee stall was set up at the Fringe which poked fun at US President Donald Trump, what was it called?

8 Which vendor was named Scotland’s best Street Food Trader at the inaugural Scottish Street Food Awards event in Edinburgh in May?

9 Which popular Scottish brewing giant was accused of bullying in March over claims it had forced a small pub in England to change its name?

10 A baker from which town was crowned World Scotch Pie champion in January?

Science and technology

1 Which Scottish city was named the fastest growing tech hub in the UK in 2017?

2 Tourism bosses are considering introducing virtual reality headsets for guests visiting which Scottish landmark?

3 Scotland’s first Olympic-standard BMX track is currently under construction in which city?

4 Scientists at Edinburgh University have discovered which insect could be used to treat spinal injuries?

5 An eyewear designer in Edinburgh has been selling spectacles made from which often overlooked material?

6 Ambitious plans to build futuristic Hyperloop technology linking Edinburgh and London would reduce journey times between the two cities to what?

7 John Swinney promised how much in cash to adults who retrain as science or technology teachers to help meet a national shortage?

8 Glasgow scientists have recovered which valuable element from sewage to help meet ever-increasing global demand?

9 Scotland’s first ‘vertical farm’ is being built where?

10 What are being installed in Glasgow city centre to tackle air pollution?


1 Which golfer broke his majors duck by winning the Masters?

2 Which teams did Scotland defeat in the 2017 Six Nations?

3 Which Scotland player scored the final goal of Gordon Strachan’s reign?

4 Celtic won the domestic treble without losing a game but who did they beat in the Scottish Cup final?

5 This year’s Grand National winner was Scottish-trained for the first time since 1979. Name the horse.

6 Who beat Andy Murray in the Wimbledon quarter-final?

7 Which Scottish athlete finished an agonising fourth in the women’s 1500m at the world athletics championships?

8 Who won the above race?

9 Which Latvian tennis player recorded a shock victory over favourite Simona Halep to win the women’s title at the French Open?

10 Which Southern Hemisphere nation did the Scotland rugby team defeat home and away in 2017?

World News

1 Robert Mugabe was placed under house arrest in November and forced to resign after how many years as Zimbabwe’s ruler?

2 Which author was awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize for Literature for writing novels that “uncovered the abyss beneath our illusory sense of connection with the world”?

3 Following Catalonia’s declaration of independence on October 27, which European city did ousted leader Carles Puigdemont travel to in order to avoid arrest?

4 Emmanuel Macron in May became the youngest President in French history. What age was he?

5 US president Donald Trump described a phone conversation with which world leader as his “worst by far” following his election win?

6 North Korea drew international condemnation by launching a medium-range ballistic missile for the first time in February over which international body of water?

7 More than 600,000 Rohingya refugees fled from which country following a military offensive described by the United Nations as a “textbook example” of ethnic cleansing?

8 Which controversial Irish republican leader said he had “complete confidence” in the next generation in announcing he would not seek re-election in 2018?

9. Stephen Paddock shot 58 people dead on October 1 in Las Vegas in the deadliest mass shooting by a lone gunman in US history. Name the event where the shooting took place.

10. The Great Mosque of al-Nuri in which Middle Eastern city was destroyed by Islamic State forces in June?

Births, deaths & marriages

1 Which Bond star bowed out in May?

2 Why was the Bat-Signal projected on to City Hall in Los Angeles in June?

3 Which former It girl died in February aged just 45?

4 Which celebrity couple announced the birth of twins Ella and Alexander in June?

5 Which pop duo called their first child Bear in March?

6 Which tennis ace married in November, two months after the birth of her first child?

7 Who was believed to be pregnant in August but failed to deliver?

8 Which reformed sex addict got hitched in August?

9 Which Olympic gold medallist welcomed second child Reggie in September?

10 Who did James Matthews marry on May 20?

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