Pokémon Go: How to beat Giovanni and what is Shadow Lugia's weakness?

Giovanni is back in Pokémon Go, offering the chance to catch Shadow Lugia.

The Team Go Rocket boss, Giovanni, is back in Pokémon Go.

If you can find and beat him, you’ll have the chance to catch Shadow Lugia.

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Known to be one of the most powerful Shadow Pokémon, Lugia has 300 HP and its Shadow Storm attack deals 1,000 damage when paired with four psychic energy cards.

Shadow Lugia is known to be the most powerful Shadow Pokémon, so it's well worth adding to your collection. Photo: Niantic.

Here’s how to find and beat Giovanni to be in with a chance of catching Shadow Lugia for yourself.

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How to find Giovanni

You’ll need a Super Rocket Radar to track down Giovanni.

You can get one by taking down on of the Team Go Rocket leaders, or for a limited time from the 15th step of the Misunderstood Mischief Special Research quest line at the moment.

Once you have the Super Rocket Radar, you’ll be able to spot Giovanni at Poké Stops and in Team Go Rocket balloon soaring overhead.

How to beat Giovanni

From there, it’s time to do battle.

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Giovanni fights with a Persian, a Kingler Rhyperior, or Nidoking, and then a Shadow Lugia, so you need to find a Pokémon and Attacks that are effective against them.

The most popular way to beat Giovanni is to use a high-CP Machamp with Counter and Dynamic Punch.

Machamp’s moves are super effective against the Persian, so you can quickly get rid of Giovanni’s two shields.

Then, you’re free to attack quickly and effectively to wear him and his Pokémon down.

If you don’t have a Machamp, remember that Persian is a Normal-type Pokémon, so any Fighting-type Pokémon will be effective against it.

Kingler is weak against Grass- and Electric-type moves, while Rhyperior is weak against Fighting-, Ground-, Steel-, and Ice-type attacks.

Rhyperior is quadruple-weakness against Water- and Grass-type moves, so you can really get the upper hand with any of those attacks.

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If you battle Giovanni’s Nidoking, then you’ll want to use Ground-, Water-, Psychic-, or Ice-type moves against it.

Finally, for Shadow Lugia, it’s weak against Rock-, Ghost-, Electric, Ice-, and Dark-type attacks.

How to catch Shadow Lugia

Now that you’ve beaten Giovanni by creating the ideal Pokémon team, you’ll have the chance to catch Shadow Lugia.

You’ll be able to catch it guaranteed so long as you aim the Pokéball right, so be sure to use Pinap Berries to increase how much Lugia Candy you’ll get from the move.



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