Women bikers head to Skye to shoot stunning road safety video

Scotland’s remote rural roads and winding Highland passes can be deadly, a leading group of women bikers has warned.

Bikers from Evolution Women's Motorcycle Club have launched a special video – filmed on Skye – as part of the Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland’s and ‘Live Fast Die Old,’ campaign to cut deaths and injuries.

Part of the campaign’s Breathtaking Roads series, the stunning new film highlights the thrill of riding while also reminding motorcyclists to enjoy Scotland’s roads safely.

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The short film uses striking slow-motion footage to highlight the importance of considering the entire picture and every potential hazard before making the decision to overtake. It urges motorcyclists exploring Scotland’s roads to ‘take your time to take it all in’.

Bikers love the thrill of riding fast on Highland roads - but there can be a price to pay
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Despite accounting for less than 1% of all road traffic in Scotland motorcyclists are over represented in reported casualties. In 2020, there were 418 reported motorcyclist casualties on Scotland’s roads. Of these, 16 were fatalities (17% of all road deaths) and 242 resulted in serious injury.1

Loss of control is the most commonly reported contributory factor for motorcyclists, involved in 19% of all accidents. Bends and overtaking continue to be among the riskiest manoeuvres, with bends being a factor in 22% of all reported injury accidents, and overtaking in 10%.2

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Transport Minister Jenny Gilruth, said: “We’re seeing lots of bikers on the roads with many taking advantage of the longer days and enjoying the incredible scenery Scotland has to offer.

“The Live Fast Die Old campaign celebrates biking, but we know motorcyclists face significant risks on our roads and we want to ensure they practise safe riding habits - especially when overtaking and going round bends which can be particularly risky manoeuvres.

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Scotland offers stunning routes for all road-users

“I’d urge any motorcyclists exploring Scotland’s breathtaking roads this season to take their time, adjust their speed and consider their surroundings before overtaking. Enjoy the ride - but get home in one piece.”

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The new film coincides with Police Scotland’s motorcycle safety campaign. Biker and deputy head of road policing, Superintendent Stewart Mackie, said: “We speak to bikers and other road users all year round but as the better weather arrives, there is a real focus on motorbike safety and educating all drivers.

“Motorcyclists are more vulnerable than other road users. My plea to other riders is a straightforward one – get home safe.

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“I have bitter experience of attending fatal collisions over the years and we must all be cautious on bends, especially left hand bends and think twice before every single overtake.

The Misty Isle: Skye has some of the best roads for bikers in Europe, but they can be deadly
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“I understand the pleasure of being on a bike and exploring Scotland but there’s nothing more important than returning home to your loved ones safe and well.”

Jayne Tollan, Chairwoman of Evolution Women's Motorcycle Club, said: "As bikers we can be vulnerable on the road, especially when we're overtaking, so it's important we remember to take our time and take in everything that's happening around us before making the move. We all love riding in Scotland – so let’s do it safely.”

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The Live Fast Die Old campaign is looking for bikers across Scotland to get involved by sharing their experience, advice, top routes and ride-out tips with other bikers. If you’d like to be part of the campaign, follow Live Fast Die Old on Facebook or get in touch at [email protected].

To watch the latest Breathtaking Roads film and join the conversation, visit the Live Fast Die Old website (livefastdieold.scot) or Facebook page (facebook.com/livefastdieoldscotland).



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