Lost your sense of taste like King Charles? Holland & Barrett has something new for that

Holland & Barrett Life Kitchen rangeHolland & Barrett Life Kitchen range
Holland & Barrett Life Kitchen range
They’ve amped up the flavour profile of these condiments

King Charles recently revealed that he lost his sense of taste as part of cancer treatment.

Apparently, this is a common side effect that impacts around 70 per cent of people affected by cancer, and up to half of those with Covid-19.

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That’s why Holland & Barrett recently created a Life Kitchen range, which involved partnering with Professor Barry Smith of the Centre for Study of the Senses at the University of London, and has been designed to help people to find pleasure in food again.

There are six products, each created to enhance the five basic tastes - sweet, sour, salt, bitter and umami.

Their Sensation Salt (£3) contains a blend of white pepper, citric acid and umami flavours, and can be used to season food after cooking or sprinkled over popcorn or a portion of chips. You can also add the Seed, Kale and Wasabi Blend (£4) to recipes, or just sprinkle it on top of soup.

While, Miso Honey (£3.50) can be used with savoury dishes, or poured over ice-cream or yoghurt, and Citrus Sensation Spritz (£3.50) contains a tangy blend of vinegar, glucose syrup, yuzu juice - which they chose for its smaller scent molecules, as, apparently, they can reach the nose faster - rice koji and ginger.

For those craving sugar, there’s also a White Chocolate and Miso Raspberries (£4) 75g bar, for a sweet, salty and savoury hit.

Available in store and online at www.hollandandbarrett.com

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