Home Bargains Monopoly: Clydebank and Rutherglen feature on bizarre new themed board game

Now you can take over the Home Bargains empire through the medium of Monopoly – here’s how to get your hands on the special edition of the game

Fans of board games and discounts are in for a treat as Home Bargains has paired up with Monopoly for a branded version of the classic game based around its stores.

Yes, instead of putting down huge sums of cash for a swanky pad in London's Mayfair, you can now be buying up the chain's Poole and Harlow outlets.

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Those shops now occupy the blue squares, and will set you back 400 and 350 Monopoly Dollars, respectively.

(Photo: Home Bargains/Hasbro)

Scottish shoppers are well catered for too, with both Clydebank (280 Monopoly Dollars) and Rutherglen (260 Monopoly Dollars) making appearances.

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Shoppers in Liverpool might think they're getting short shrift as the Old Swan appears first on the board, but there's actually a historical significance there - it was Home Bargains' first ever store opened in 1976.

The retail-themed board features 22 of the chain's stores in total, and also includes locations like Pontefract and Newtownabbey.

(Photo: Home Bargains/Hasbro)

"Move over Mayfair, Home Bargains is in town!" Says the chain on its website.

"This exclusive version of Monopoly by Hasbro features some of Home Bargains’ most iconic locations, warehouses and our very own online store."

Where can I get the game?

Naturally, the game is only available from Home Bargains itself.

It's sold out online, though there have been reports of shoppers spotting the sought-after edition of the classic game in stores, where it is priced at £14.99.

Social media has had particular fun with the new version of the board game, with one user jokingly asking, "Do the squares keep randomly moving so you never know where to find anything?"

Another quipped that the game's famous 'jail' square should have been replaced by a "first aisle" square.

Someone else added, "You start the game, go round once and spend £67 on a basket of s**** you didn’t know you needed, go directly to jail, do not pass go and do not collect your Fabulosa on the way out."