Video: A guide to outdoor swimming in Scotland

Open-water swimming is a shock to the system at first, but once you acclimatise the accomplishment is euphoric.

Outdoor swimming in Scotland is gaining popularity as Scots dole-down on prioritising health.

Robert Hamilton runs Vigour Events, a Scottish start-up bringing people together to take the icy plunge.

He explained to us that it doesn’t matter just how good a pool swimmer you are, the psychological and physiological impact is completely different.

There's water all over Scotland for outdoor swimmers of all levels.

Often, new swimmers take to the water with grand ideas of swimming a kilometer or a mile, but few make it beyond 100-200m on their first swim.

In fact, according to Robert, it’ll take you “half a dozen” swims until your body really does start to get used to it.

Similar to adventure sports, it’s not without risk and reward.

There's water all over Scotland for outdoor swimmers of all levels.

“After drop is common in newcomers,” explains Robert, “when you come out the water, you’ve got the shakes, feel disoriented and have to get into dry, warm clothes as quickly as you can.”

Despite innumerable safety actions, outdoor swimmers are rewarded with a huge boost of endorphins once the feeling of accomplishment sets in.

“There’s a definite psychological benefit,” he says.

“When it comes down to it, people like to venture outdoors and immersing themselves - reconnecting them with nature.

“We spend so much of our lives confined behind four walls, it’s liberating to be out in the open.”

If you like the sound of open water swimming, we’ve some of Roberts top tips in the video above. The next Vigour Events meet is on May 27th at Bardowie Loch.