These are the 15 Scottish towns and cities that get the most sunshine - is yours on the list?

Scotland tends to get a bad rap when it comes to the weather. And while it's true that rain is an integral part of the Scottish experience, some parts of the country are much sunnier than others.

Scotland's weather is notoriously unreliable
Scotland's weather is notoriously unreliable

Based on data from the Met Office, these are some of Scotland's sunniest towns and cities. Some smaller localities have not been included. Wondering where the worst weather spots in Scotland are? Follow this link to find out which Scottish towns and cities have the wettest weather.

Academic reputation may not be the only thing attracting students to St Andrews: the town sees just over 1560 hours of sun per year, surpassing the UK average of 1493 hours.
Arbroath is the largest town in Angus and comes just behind St Andrews with over 1535 hours of sunshine per year.
Right across the county of Ayreshire, including in Kilmarnock and Irvine, locals enjoy over 1435 hours of sunshine a year, falling just behind the UK average.
Coming just ahead of the capital, the granite city - Aberdeen - gets an average of 1435.7 hours sunshine per year. It does, however, see more rain than average with around 814.9 mm falling annually.
The capital of Scotland and perhaps most well-known of Scottish cities, Edinburgh makes up in culture what it lacks in sun, with an average of 1426.6 hours of sunshine appearing in a year.
Though it's often touted as Scotland's sunniest city, in terms of average annual hours of sun, Dundee comes in just behind Edinburgh with 1426.3 hours sunshine per year.
In spite of being in the same county as St Andrews, the most populous of Fife's towns experiences a little less sun than the university city, with an average of 1409.1 hours recorded annually.
Residents of Perth in Scotland see around 1351.2 hours of sunshine every year, bringing the city in a little, but not drastically, below the UK average.
Residents in the small town of Greenock, Inverclyde see around 1348.1 hours of sunshine in a year.
This market town in the beautiful county of Dumfries and Gallloway gets a pretty average amount of sun for a Scottish town, with 1335.5 hours recorded annually.
Following just behind Dumfries on the sunshine front, Livingston in the county of West Lothian records an average of 1329 hours of sunshine in a year.
Stirling is a central Scottish city where residents can expect around 1280 hours of sunshine in a year.
Part of the Falkirk council area, Grangemouth residents see around 1228.6 hours of sunshine over the period of a year.
Inverness in Highland experiences around the same number of sunny hours in a year as Reykjavk, Iceland, with an average of 1220.1 hours annually.
Though a beloved Scottish city, Glasgow is not famed for its sun. It falls somewhere near the bottom among European countries for annual hours of sun, with the average figure standing at 1203.1 hours.