Can Dogs Eat Pancakes? Top vet tips to keep your pet happy on Shrove Tuesday

It's Shrove Tuesday this week and your dog will no doubt be interested in the delicious pancakes you're flipping in the kitchen.

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Dogs love pancakes - but they're not the best thing for their health.Dogs love pancakes - but they're not the best thing for their health.
Dogs love pancakes - but they're not the best thing for their health.

Pancake Day is approaching, and it can be very tempting to share what’s on your plate with your four-legged friends - but is it safe to do so? 

Veterinarian Dr Joanna Woodnutt at Petsure shares what dogs can safely eat on Shrove Tuesday and what the dangers could be.

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She explained: Dogs can have pancakes, but moderation is key. A small piece of plain pancake without any toppings is a safe choice for most dogs. Stick to flour, eggs and water and stay away from ingredients like chocolate, sweeteners, syrups and butter as these can be very dangerous to your dog."

Dr Woodnutt added: "It’s very important to be mindful of your individual dog’s dietary needs. Dogs can often be sensitive to foods and some may be on an exclusion diet or prescription diet. And sudden changes to diet could have a bad effect on your dog's stomach. So make sure to be mindful of this when serving up something new. Stick to small amounts of foods you know are safe. Always think before you feed your dog and check with your vet if you’re unsure whether it’s safe for them. Especially if your dog has a chronic disease or special diet.”

Here are a few top tips for a dog-friendly pancake day:

Dogs are sweet enough

Make sure your ingredients don’t include xylitol (sometimes called ‘birch sugar’ or E967). This is an artificial sweetener often found in some types of peanut butter, chocolate and syrups and is very harmful to dogs. It can cause seizures, liver failure, or even death if eaten, so it’s very important to be aware of this when giving your dog a treat on Pancake Day.

Health is top priority

Add healthy toppings. For something a little more exciting, you can add some dog-friendly fruit toppings like blueberries, banana, or strawberries. Stay away from toxic foods like grapes, raisins, and jam which could potentially cause serious health issues.

A little goes a long way

Moderation is key. Too much of anything can upset your dog’s stomach. Remember this when you’re celebrating Pancake Day. 

Trust the experts

Ask for expert advice. Speak to your vet if you’re worried about your dog having food intolerances. Pancakes are a safe occasional treat to give your dog. But always check if you’re unsure of an ingredient or for advice on your dog’s individual dietary needs.

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