Hypnotherapy: We try a session, for anxiety, phobias and weight loss, in Edinburgh's Stockbridge

Gillian Dalgliesh Pic: David HoGillian Dalgliesh Pic: David Ho
Gillian Dalgliesh Pic: David Ho
Gillian Dagliesh offers this technique

“I’m going to count to ten, and when I get to eight, you’ll open your eyes”.

I’m coming round, after a hypnotherapy session with Edinburgh’s Gillian Dalgliesh. She led me into a state of deep relaxation, involving descending a staircase, and placing my negative thoughts on a white chair.

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Surprisingly, they were vividly represented, in my subconscious mind, as a human brain, which is rather unexpectedly gross.

It’s a strange sensation, being hypnotised, but I could be in no better hands, as I recline on a comfy chair.

I imagine a warm blanket, draping over my body, and I’m ready for her suggestions. She uses computer analogies to suggest that I reboot my system and get rid of all the bumph that doesn't serve me. Instead, we upload a new package of va-va-voom, confidence and general fabulousness. Count me in.

Dalgliesh specialises in techniques for improving eating habits, and even has a book out, called Weight Loss Without Willpower, which has flown to the top of the Amazon charts. However, she also deals with other problems, like anxiety, depression, or phobias. Usually, one session will suffice.

On my visit, I have 90 minutes to help deal with long term situational anxiety. It usually rears its head when I’m away from home, or planning a trip, which isn’t much fun as holiday season approaches.

Dalgliesh helps me get to the root of my feelings on the matter, and what I want to achieve.

She also deploys a bit of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing), which involves moving her fingers from side to side, while I follow them with my eyes and think about certain images.

Will it help? I don’t know yet. Still, I feel ridiculously chilled after one session, and hopeful that something might have been tweaked in that stubborn brain of mine.

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A 30-minute Discovery Call with Gillian is free; first sessions are £175 for 90 minutes; Subsequent sessions are £135 for 60 minutes, by Zoom or at Counselling Conversations, 2b Clarence Street, Edinburgh. Book launch is 28th May 2024, 7pm - 9pm, at The Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, 25 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh, tickets £5, see www.changewithgillian.com

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