Best board games 2020: 9 new games for kids and adults to enjoy this Christmas

Need a new family board game? Check out these alternatives to the classics like Monopoly, Cluedo, and Trivial Pursuit

Can't decide on which board game to dig out this Christmas? Well, look no further.

There is a long list of family favourites from Monopoly and Cluedo to Trivial Pursuit and Articulate! to choose from to raise spirits over the festive period.

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But, if you're tired of blowing the dust off the same classics, check out these newcomers.

Enjoy Bean Boozled and other alternative board games this Christmas. (Pic: Getty Images)

Bean Boozled

Everyone has different tastes - but what will yours be? In this game of luck, spin the dial to see what jelly bean you get. Each bean has two flavours - one nice and one nasty - so are you up for taking a risk with your tastebuds?


The game that has the power to test any good sibling relationship! Test your speed, observation, and reflexes in a race to match the identical symbol between two cards. No knowledge or strategy needed - ideal for everyone to get involved!

The Very Merry Christmas Game

Can't get enough of Christmas? Then The Very Merry Christmas Game is the game for you! Get your hands on the best presents for your stocking. Pinch presents from someone else's stocking using the cracker cards - but beware of the sprouts. Find out who has what in their stockings at the end of the game!

Game for Fame

The route to stardom couldn't be easier as teams pick up a Money Maker card and start the fight for fame and fortune. With so much variety in the challenges, Game for Fame will have everyone laughing along.

Cards Against Humanity - Family Edition

Much like the original, which sees players fill in the blanks, this family version is better suited for children's ears. It's the best of both worlds, as kids enjoy funny wordplay and the parents laugh at the blissful innocence of youth.

Egged On

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The game of egg roulette! Each player takes a turn to pick a plastic egg and press it on their heads. Be warned, some of the eggs are filled with water and there's no knowing which ones they are. If you get wet you're out. The winner is the last person standing / laughing!

Beat That!

With no fewer than 160 different challenges, Beat That! is guaranteed to get everyone on their feet. Challenges range from bouncing balls into cups to gargling songs while your partner has 30 seconds to guess what it is. Complete the challenges to earn points!


Be rewarded for being loud and fast as you shout out answers to naming challenges. With more than 200 different tasks - from 10 famous artists in 30 seconds to 10 Skylanders characters - there is something for everyone in Tension!

The Crystal Maze

Based on the Channel 4 show of the same name, The Crystal Maze sees teams brave a variety of different challenges to win crystals. The more crystals your team has, the more time there will be to scramble around for gold tokens in the frantic finale.