25 Doric Words and Phrases: A Guide to the Scottish dialect starting with “Fit like?”

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Scots Leid is a native Scottish language with many colourful dialects under its belt including the ‘rerr’ one we associate with Aberdeen; Doric.

Scotland has three native tongues; English, the Scots Language and Scottish Gaelic. As a language endangered in its heartland, Gaelic has been at the forefront of the national conversation and even found its place in pop culture with Gaelic phrases appearing in Outlander and over 1.5 million new students signing up to learn it on Duolingo.

Examples of Scots Leid are also not too hard to come by as the language has been popularised by the likes of Robert Burns who has received worldwide acclaim for his works like Auld Lang Syne. However, as with most languages, Scots also has dialects which may be lesser known such as Doric in the north-east.

Dubbed Scotland’s “little known fourth language” by the BBC, they said: “This “mither tongue” (mother tongue) is spoken widely from Peterhead in Aberdeenshire to Nairn in the Highlands, where one in two people speak it, according to the University of Aberdeen.”

Let’s shift things away from ‘lesser known’ to ‘better known’ with these 25 Doric words and phrases that will give beginners a ‘guid’ idea of how to speak it.