Perth museum: Poll naming museum at Perth City Hall chooses 'Perth Museum'

A new museum at Perth City Hall will be called Perth Museum after 60 per cent of people in a public consultation picked "the obvious choice."

Other contenders for the museum included The Sparkling Museum of Perth and the Victoria Drummond Museum, but voters opted for the functional choice.

A spokesperson for the museum said the name had been a clear favourite and "encapsulates the stories and history of the building” adding “it may seem like the obvious choice, but we wanted to hear from the people of Perth and Kinross, from people old and young, from all corners.

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The new museum has been named The Perth Museum
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"They spoke out loud, with more than 450 submitting ideas, so we listened."

Leaflets were delivered to areas around the museum site and there was an online campaign – with packs sent out to schools, as well as a video and information detailing the contents of the new museum,

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The museum will tell the story of Perth and Kinross’ ancient roots and will open in 2024.