Netflix: Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery star Edward Norton revealed as direct descendant of Pocahontas

One of the stars of the new hit Netflix film Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery has been revealed to be a direct descendant of Native American heroine Pocahontas.

Actor Edward Norton had grown up believing the connection to be part of “family legend”, but was proven wrong on a recent episode of ancestry show Finding Your Roots on US network PBS.

The 53-year-old appeared in the first episode of season nine of the show, alongside fellow Hollywood star Julia Roberts, on Tuesday evening.

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In it, host Henry Louis Gates Jr confirmed Pocahontas was Norton’s 12th great grandmother, having married colonist John Rolfe.

Pictured: (left-right) Edward Norton as Miles, Madelyn Cline as Whiskey, and Daniel Craig as Detective Benoit Blanc in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. Picture: PA Photo/John Wilson/Netflix

“You have a direct paper trail, no doubt about it,” Gates told him.

The pair were married in April 1614 in Jamestown, Virginia, though Pocahontas died just three years later in March 1617 in Gravesend, England.

“It just makes you realise what a small piece of the whole human story you are,” Norton replied.

Gates also revealed Norton’s ancestors had owned slaves, which the actor described as “uncomfortable” to hear.

“The short answer is these things are uncomfortable,” he said. “Everybody should be uncomfortable with it.”

Writing on Twitter following the episode’s release, Norton said participating in the show had been “such a privilege and a pleasure”.

“I’ve admired Prof Skip Gates for years as an historian, a teacher, writer, conversationalist and I love this show,” he said.

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“He’s an inspiration and this was full of revelations & his wonderful insight about life and how we are all connected to history.”

Norton (Fight Club) plays Miles Bron, a tech billionaire, in the new release film Glass Onion alongside co-stars Daniel Craig, Kate Hudson and Janelle Monáe.



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