Turnip Carving For Halloween: 10 Pictures to show how traditional Scots turnips are scarier than pumpkins

Prior to pumpkin Jack O’Lanterns, Scotland had a tradition of carving turnips on Halloween and the results could be horrifying.

While pumpkins are large, round, easy-to-carve and aesthetically pleasing with their bright orange colour, turnips are splotchy, unevenly coloured and rock-hard vegetables that are quite skull-like in their shape. Halloween in Scotland used to be about carving turnips but due to a heavy dose of U.S. culture here it is far more likely you will see pumpkins in your neighbourhood instead.

Regardless, much like how it said that a meal tastes better if you worked for it, a well-carved turnip feels more rewarding than your average pumpkin since it takes some heavy labour (be prepared to bend a spoon or two) but the creepy appearance afterwards is perfect for Halloween.

To see what we mean, here are ten pictures to show how turnips are creepier (and more traditional) than pumpkins.