Glasgow University Tower.Glasgow University Tower.
Glasgow University Tower.

Glasgow Architecture: These are 12 of the tallest buildings in Glasgow - including Glasgow Science Centre and Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow has its fair share of tall buildings and also boasts Scotland's tallest free-standing structure.

Examining the list in more detail, it emerges that there were two decades in particular where Glasgow’s architects were more busy than usual in their quest to reach the heavens.

Both exceeding 70 metres in height, Glasgow University Tower and the City Chambers were constructed in the 1880s, while almost a century later, in the 1960s, the city welcomed an extensive list of residential tower blocks.

But while high rise flats continue to dominate the list of the city's tallest structures, examples of post-war tower blocks are dwindling fast; the building type having fallen out of favour in recent decades.

One inclusion in this list of special note is Glasgow Cathedral. Built in 1197, the soaring spire of the ancient religious site has graced Glasgow’s skyline for the best part of a millennium.

Starting with the Glasgow Science Centre Tower, which is Scotland’s tallest free-standing structure, we take a look at a dozen of Glasgow’s tallest buildings.