Some of the student accomodation set to be built in Edinburgh over the next few years.

Edinburgh Developments 2023: 14 dramatic student accomodation projects set to spring up in Scotland's Capital over the coming years

Hundreds of extra student rooms are currently in the pipeline for the Capital.

Student accommodation in Edinburgh is big business these days, with developers keen to cash in on an affluent student population looking for comfortable accommodation in convenient locations.

With over 35,000 students studying at the University of Edinburgh alone, there’s a huge market to target.

But the developments can sometimes prove to be controversial, with local communities worried about the buildings themselves and potential antisocial behaviour.

Development website currently lists 11 new student residences which, if approved and built, would add hundreds of student rooms to the cityscape.

Here’s where the planned student blocks will be built, what they will look like, and when they will be built.

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