Dame Judi Dench dedicates Highland woodland to loved ones

Dame Judi DenchDame Judi Dench
Dame Judi Dench
Dame Judi Dench has dedicated a woodland grove in the Highlands to “the people we love”.

As part of the Woodland Trust’s dedication scheme, Dame Judi has dedicated a grove at Ledmore and Migdale in Sutherland.

The Covid-19 pandemic delayed the installation of a dedication post at the wood but it is now in place.

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It comes after Dame Judi sent out cards last Christmas telling friends she was dedicating the acre of woodland to them.

It reads: “These trees have been dedicated at Christmas 2019 for the people we love. Judi Dench and family.”

Dame Judi said: “For many years it has been my habit to plant trees marking occasions in family life.

“When I saw the Woodland Trust’s dedication scheme it struck me as a marvellous way of gifting something rather beautiful and lasting to friends at Christmas.

“I looked at information and pictures of various beautiful woods before settling on Ledmore and Migdale.”

She added: “I have not visited personally. Perhaps I shall one day.

“As the trees grow in the years ahead it is certainly a nice thought that some of my friends might drop by. It does seem a magical spot.”

Woodland Trust Scotland site manager Ross Watson said: “This is a fantastic accolade for Ledmore and Migdale.

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“I am thrilled and I am sure many in the local community will be delighted, too."

“The grove comprises an open bog woodland with birch fringe, and spectacular views over to Migdale Rock.

“It will be a fantastic haven for wildlife as the area continues to develop in the years ahead.”