Santa Claus with little boy in Jenners - Edinburgh 1954

Christmas in Scotland: Here are 16 nostalgic memories of Scottish Christmases past

After two festive seasons impacted by the global pandemic, this Christmas we have the cost of living crisis to contend with – we’ve had a dig through the archives to remind us of far simpler times.

While the average person was not as affluent as today, post-war Scots knew how to celebrate the festive period.

Major shopping thoroughfares were bedecked in all manner of imaginative and colourful decorations and large crowds would gather to watch the switching on of the Christmas lights.

And every big department store had a grotto and a queue of eager children, patiently waiting for their turn to sit on Santa’s lap.

Grab a mince pie, pour yourself a mulled wine and sit back, as we take you on a journey to Scottish Christmas past.

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