Auld Spookie: 13 Disturbing facts about Edinburgh that will send chills down your spine

Edinburgh or ‘Auld Reekie’ is Scotland’s number one tourist destination that was… built upon a pile of corpses of which the bones can still be found today.

Edinburgh is famous for its many haunted locations and ghost walks that guide tourists through spooky backdrops as they listen to scary stories. The unsettling atmosphere of the underground streets at Mary Kings Close, for example, sees visitors walk through the Blair Street Vaults in the eerie quiet which can leave anyone feeling jumpy.

While it's fun to tease and mock these tours and their tales, many have been passed down through generations and their unsolved mysteries reflect a much more sinister, bloodier Edinburgh. Indeed, past the Instagram-worthy cobbled streets and Georgian architecture we see today lie dark secrets that reflect Edinburgh’s grisly past.

Here are 13 creepy facts about Edinburgh that you (probably) didn’t know.