Cash crisis has forced Polmont Golf Club to close

Polmont Golf Club members and supporters have today learned via social media that the club will cease trading on Monday because of money problems.

In a message this morning, a club spokesperson said: “It is with deep regret that we have to inform of this news.

“Unfortunately the financial position that the club finds itself in brings the committee to the conclusion that the club cannot continue to operate.

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“Today will be the final medal for the club, and the club will remain open as normal for today and tomorrow and operate as usual.

“This evening there is a function booked which will not be affected by this news.

“Anyone who may intend to visit the club should respect the function which has been booked for this evening”.

Members will receive a formal letter in the next few days, and staff have already been informed of the closure, but the club thought it necessary to make a social media statement this morning because the word of mouth news would travel so quickly.

In its statement the club has appealed for its social media post not to be used as “a platform for an open discussion” about the closure.

Apologising for the sad news, it adds: “The club for years has meant so much to so many people & it will be truly sad to see it gone”.

Polmont Golf Club was formed in 1901, and has used its present course since moving from Nicolton Road to Maddiston in 1976.

One of its key stated aims has been “to be recognised as a vital part of both the village and the wider Braes community”.