Leader comment: It's time for Hollywood treatment of Bash Street Kids

There's been a lot of good news about Dundee of late '“ the opening of the V&A museum, being dubbed Scotland' 'coolest' city and listed as one of the hottest tourist attractions in the world by the likes of The Wall Street Journal. And, well, guess what, here's some more!

An American student has discovered a trove of rare comics dating from the 19th century in the vaults of Dundee University.

It includes early issues of Punch magazine and first issues of comics produced by DC and Marvel, currently enjoying considerable success with their Hollywood incarnations.

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The find was made by Hailey Austin, 24, who is currently for a PhD in ‘Comics Studies’.

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Now, there are some who might think this sounds like a joke subject. But, according to Dundee University, the city is “one of the great powerhouses of comics production, not just in the UK, but internationally”. So it’s not just about good fun, but an example of Dundonian ‘soft power’.

Okay, so maybe not quite as powerful as Hollywood but, who knows, perhaps a script has just landed on a big-shot producer’s desk for ‘Bash Street Kids: Infinity War’ or ‘Minnie the Minx vs Wonder Woman’.