Highland games attract record crowds to park

The sun saw fit to shine on Peebles Highland Games on Saturday, drawing record crowds to Haylodge Park.
Daniel Carlin won every heavy event at Peebles Highland GamesDaniel Carlin won every heavy event at Peebles Highland Games
Daniel Carlin won every heavy event at Peebles Highland Games

Event chairman Chris Patterson said: “It was a tremendous day, one of the best I’ve ever seen, and the weather really set the scene for the games.

“This was my fifth year as chair, but I’ve been on the committee for 18 years, and this was probably the best event I have seen, with around 2,000 people through the gates.

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“The treasurers are now counting the takings, but it’s safe to say it will help secure the games for years to come.

“For this year, we had invested £2,500 in commercial-grade gazebos to make life a bit easier and they worked really well.

“As for the events, we had 130 Highland dancers competing, 16 pipe bands and eight competitors in the heavies.

“In the heavy events, it was good to see Barrhead athlete and former winner Daniel Carlin make a return after a break of three years, and he won every event to take the title again.

“It was also fantastic to see Andy Currie, a great friend of Peebles Highland Games, come back to fulfil the role of chieftain, and he told me that he and his two daughters had a brilliant day.

“There was a huge crowd in the town for the chieftain’s parade, both in the morning and in the evening on the way back.

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“The whole event is a great testament to our hard-working committee and volunteers.”

In the piping, Stockbridge Pipe Band from Edinburgh, straight from their world championship drumming corps win in Glasgow, took the top prizes in Grade 3 
and Grade 2.

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Of the locals taking part in the pipe band competition Tweedvale won the Lowland Scottish Trophy in grade 2 and grade 4 band Peebles won the Venlaw Trophy.

Piping resultsGrade 4BPipingDrummingPlaceStockbridge111Preston Lodge HS222Peoples Ford BBC333Tweedvale454D&D Gleneagles545Grade 4APipingDrummingPlaceCamelon and District141Peoples Ford BBC232 PPPenicuik and District313Royal High424Preston Lodge HSPB555Grade 3PipingDrummingPlacePreston Lodge Dev131 PpStockbridge212Peoples Ford BBC423Denny And Dunipace354Tweedvale544Penicuik And District665Grade 2PipingDrummingPlaceStockbridge111Preston Lodge HS222Peoples Ford BBC333Tweedvale454D&D Gleneagles545


Putting 16lb shot: 1, Daniel Carlin 13.90m; 2, Willie Falconer 11.99m; 3, Paul Dearie 11.02m.

28lb weight for distance: 1, Daniel Carlin 18.05; 2, Neil Elliot 17.99m; 3, Willie Falconer 17.36m.

Scots’ hammer: 1, Daniel Carlin 35.93m; 2, Paul Dearie 30.68m; 3, Neil Elliot 29.9m.

56lb weight for height: 1, Daniel Carlin 14ft; 2, Pete Hart 13ft; 3=, Paul Dearie and Neil Elliot 12 ft.

Caber: 1, Daniel Carlin; 2, Neil Elliot; 3, Pete Hart.

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The Peebles Stane: 1, Daniel Carlin 9.66; 2, Neil Elliot 9.40; 3, Paul Dearie 7.45.

Heavy events championship result: 1, Daniel Carlin 40 pts; 2, Neil Elliot 26.5; 3, Pete Hart 26; 4, Willie Falconer 24.5; 5, Paul Dearie 24.5; 6, David Hart 16; 7, John Neill 11.5; 8, David Coultard 11.


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Babies: Bella Panton. Beginners: Maisie Mcelroy. Novice: Sarah Livingston. Intermediate: Mairi Wighton. Open: Stephanie Millar. Adults: Fiona Matheson. Pre Open National: Logan Robertson. Open National: Heather Matheson.

Most points boys: Logan Robertson. Dunedin Dance School Trophy: Logan Robertson.

Laura Smith School Trophy: Lilly Millar. Eight under cakewalk: Bella Caragh. 11 under cakewalk: Isla D Rachael. 12 plus cakewalk: Christina Stephanie. Eight under Scottische: Bella Caragh. 11 under Scottische: Ashanti Lilly. 12 plus Scottische: Christina Stephanie. Adult Scottische: Gemma Rebecca.