Worst films of 2022: The Scotsman film podcast pick their least favourite movies of the year

In the final episode of the year, we pick our top 10 worst films of 2022, with some big surprises. Do you agree with our picks?

Of course, film is subjective and for every film we don’t like, there’s bound to be 10 more people that love it!

That said, after choosing our top 10 favourite films of the year, we return to hand out our own version of The Scotsman Razzies – ie: the worst films of the year.

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In a year that has been largely fantastic for cinema fans, which film made me scream with pure anger and claim it as THE worst film to have ever been made? Myself and David also have an agreement over one of the highest grossing films of the year, as we both place it into our naughty list of 2022’s bad films.

Even Jennifer Lawrence was shocked by some of the bad films that were released this year. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Which films really scrapped the barrel for us this year and need throwing straight into our bin? Have we picked something that shocked you – or are you in agreement with us across our worst film choices?

Why did one of the most anticipated films of the year get ruined by flatulence? Why is a movie marketed on dinosaurs actually about giant locusts? And why is Elvis more “oh no” than “uh huh” for me and Dave?

Sadly, judging by our list, we certainly don’t feel like it was a good year for big budget blockbusters…

Merry Christmas film fans – we’ll see you in 2023!

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