The Zone Of Interest expected DVD, BluRay release date, how to watch Zone Of Interest

The Zone Of Interest is a big big favourite to scoop awards at the Oscars 2024. Here's when it will be released for streaming.

One of the most talked about films of the new year, emotional war drama The Zone Of Interest is one of the big favourites for the upcoming Academy Awards after receiving critical acclaim following its release.

Nominated for Best Picture at next months Oscars, the film, which takes place during World War II, followers Nazi officier Rudolf Höss and the devastating Auschwitz concentration camp that he oversaw.

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Receiving a close to perfect 93% on highly respected film review site Rotten Tomatoes, The Zone Of Interest has been called "an extraordinary piece of filmmaking" and has been described as a film that leaves viewers "shaken and stricken; it stayed with me, stubbornly, over the months that followed". One of the year's most important films, here's when it will be available to watch at home.

Watch the trailer here.

What is The Zone Of Interest about

Directed by Jonathan Glazer (Under The Skin), The Zone Of Interest is a historical drama that is set during World War II. The film depicts the life of German Nazi commandant Rudolf Höss as he looks to build a new life for his family, with a home situated at German Auschwitz concentration camp.

The film follows Höss' life with his family as takes them fishing and attempts to live a regular life, all whilst the horrors of Auschwitz are happening right beside them until he is informed that he is being promoted to deputy inspector of all concentration camps and is therefore required to relocate to Oranienburg and must leave with his family - despite his objections.

The Zone Of Interest full cast

Oscar nominated actress Sandra Hüller plays the wife of Nazi SS officer Rudolf Höss, who is in turn portrayed by Christian Friedel.

Playing the rest of the Höss family are Johann Karthaus as Klaus, Luis Noah Witte as Hans-Jürgen, Nele Ahrensmeier as Inge-Brigitt. Lilli Falk also stars as Heidetraut.

There are also roles for:

  • Ralph Herforth as Oswald Pohl
  • Daniel Holzberg as Gerhard Maurer
  • Sascha Maaz as Arthur Liebehenschel
  • Freya Kreutzkam as Eleonore Pohl
  • Imogen Kogge as Linna Hensel
  • Julia Polaczek as Aleksandra Bystroń-Kołodziejczyk
  • Wolfgang Lampl as Wilhelm Hans Burger

What awards has The Zone Of Interest won? BAFTA 2024 winners

Alongside the likes of Poor Things and Oppenheimer, The Zone Of Interest is a film many have tipped to win at the Oscars after having already scooped tons of awards already in 2024.

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The film won big at the BAFTAs last weekend, winning Outstanding British Film, Best Film Not in the English Language and Best Sound.

The Zone Of Interest streaming release date, The Zone Of Interest expected DVD and BluRay release date

The Zone Of Interest does not have an official DVD and BluRay release date as yet, but it is expected to be available in physical form around March, according to reports.

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While the official date for Wonka's release on DVD and Blu-ray is not confirmed, the film has now been made available to stream on Digital HD from Amazon Video and iTunes and was released on February 20.

The Zone Of Interest running time and age rating

The Zone Of Interest has a runtime of one hours and 46 minutes and was handed an 12A rating by the BBFC for holocaust theme, disturbing scenes, racism, moderate sex references.



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