The Traitors Scottish Contestants: Who are the three Scots appearing on season two of the hit show?

Claudia Winkleman returns to host season two of The Traitors.Claudia Winkleman returns to host season two of The Traitors.
Claudia Winkleman returns to host season two of The Traitors. | BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

The Traitors is back - and once again 22 strangers will be locked in a spooky castle, split into Traitors and Faithfuls, then encouraged to lie their way to a £120,000 top prize.

The second series of the BBC hit show starts on Wednesday, January 3, and there will undoubtedly be countless twists and turns before we find out who will win the cash.

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And three Scots will be looking to negotiate the convoluted rules and get all the way to the end of the show.

Here's who they are, where they are from, what they do, and what their tactics will be.


Scottish Traitor contestant Brian.Scottish Traitor contestant Brian.
Scottish Traitor contestant Brian. | BBC Pictures

Brian is a 33-year-old photographer from Glasgow

Gameplan: "My gameplan is to not have a game plan and take everything as it happens. I don't know what I'm going to be yet so can't have too much of a game plan as it might change. If I'm a Traitor, I’ll need to forget that I’m a Traitor. I've got a bad memory, so I'll make sure I take notes all the time. Looking at other people's game plans and trying to break down other people's strategies. At night I'll be a crazy man scribbling but during the day I'll just take everything as it comes. If I have too much of a game plan and it gets thrown off course, I'll think, “Well what the hell do I do now?!” So, literally just take things as they come really.


Scottish Traitors contestant Evie.Scottish Traitors contestant Evie.
Scottish Traitors contestant Evie. | BBC Pictures

Evie is a 29-year-old veterinary nurse from Inverness

Gameplan: "I want to be a traitor. I think I would make a good Traitor because I look like such a Faithful. I don’t think people think I’m very mischievous, but I think that shows that I’d be really be good at it. So, I think my gameplan is to let people believe those preconceptions of me, I’m blonde and I’ve got the dimples, and I work with animals and I’m sweet. But there is a bit of an edge to me, and it’s an edge that has actually been carved out by my career, by veterinary nursing, because it is so tough. It’s really difficult, there are a lot of emotional tolls and there’s a lot of adapting to environments, stress, long hours, everything. The Traitors is a psychological pressure cooker, but I honestly do think you could apply that to working at the vets, you really could."


Scottish Traitors contestant Tracey.Scottish Traitors contestant Tracey.
Scottish Traitors contestant Tracey. | BBC Pictures

Tracey is a 58-year-old sonographer and clairvoyant from Inverness

Gameplan: "As far as a game plan goes, I am going in without one. I'm just going to live moment to moment and do what feels right, trust my gut instinct. I'm just going to enjoy it. I’m winging it because I live life like that. My brother, who's a doctor, says to me, “I don't know how you get through life; you literally have no logic whatsoever. You do everything by gut feelings.” And I think if I had a game plan, it would kind of take me away from that. So, I'm just going in blind."

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