The Traitors Latest: When is the final of the BBC show - plus who's in and who's out?

It's nearly time for the final episode of the television series that delights in lies and deceit.
Claudia Winkleman is back for Season Two of BBC's The Traitors.Claudia Winkleman is back for Season Two of BBC's The Traitors.
Claudia Winkleman is back for Season Two of BBC's The Traitors.

The Traitors is back for a second season - and once again 22 strangers have been locked in a spooky castle, split into Traitors and Faithfuls, then encouraged to lie their way to a £120,000 top prize.

The second series of the BBC hit show started on Wednesday, January 3, when the first three episodes dropped at the same time on the BBC iPlayer.

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Already there have been numerous twists and turns, and there are sure to be a few more to come in the last episode.

Here's when it's on - and who is left.

If you're still uncertain about the rules, check them out here.

When is the next episode of The Traitors?

The next episode will be broadcast on BBC One on Wednesday, January 24, at 9pm.

How often are episodes of The Traitors aired?

Episodes are broadcast on BBC One three times a week, on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Can I binge watch The Traitors?

Every episode of season one of The Traitors is available to binge watch on the BBC iPlayer right now - as are the American and Australian versions of the show.

For season two though, you'll have to be a little more patient. The first three episodes landed on the iPlayer on the first Wednesday, but the rest are dropping on a daily basis - so if you want to binge you'll have to wait for a few days until more episodes are released.

When is the last episode of The Traitors?

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This is when every episode of the series will be broadcast on BBC One:

  • Episode 1 - Wednesday 3rd January at 9pm
  • Episode 2 - Thursday 4th January at 9pm
  • Episode 3 - Friday 5th January at 9pm
  • Episode 4 - Wednesday 10th January at 9pm
  • Episode 5 - Thursday 11th January at 9pm
  • Episode 6 - Friday 12th January at 9pm
  • Episode 7 - Wednesday 17th January
  • Episode 8 - Thursday 18th January
  • Episode 9 - Friday 19th January
  • Episode 10 - Wednesday 24th January
  • Episode 11 - Thursday 25th January
  • Episode 12 - Friday 26th January

Who has already left the castle?

Here's who is out of the show in the order they left, if they were banished or murdered - and whether they were a Traitor or a Faithful.

  • First out: Aubrey (Murdered, Faithful)
  • Second out: Sonja (Banished, Faithful)
  • Third out: Kyra (Murdered, Faithful)
  • Fourth out: Brian (Banished, Faithful)
  • Fifth out: Ash (Banished, Traitor)
  • Sixth out: Meg (Murdered,Faithful)
  • Seventh out: Jonny (Banished, Faithful)
  • Eighth out: Tracey (Murdered, Faithful)
  • Ninth out: Anthony (Banished, Faithful)
  • Tenth out: Diane (Murdered in broad daylight, Faithful)
  • Eleventh out: Miles (Banished, Traitor)
  • Twelvth out: Paul (Banished, Traitor)
  • Thirteenth out: Charlie (Murdered, Faithful)
  • Fourteeth out: Charlotte (Banished, Faithful)
  • Fifteenth out: Ross (Banished, Traitor)
  • Sixteeth out: Zack (Murdered, Faithful)
  • Seventeenth out: Jasmine (Banished, Faithful)

Who is still in the castle?

Here's who remains in the contest, and whether they are traitors or faithful:

  • Andrew (Traitor)
  • Evie (Faithful)
  • Harry (Traitor)
  • Jaz (Faithful)
  • Mollie (Faithful)
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