The Batman: Where is Robert Pattinson from? UK release date, cast, age rating and trailer

Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson is the latest man to don the mask of The Batman. Here’s all you need to know about him, and the film, ahead of its release.

After a series of delays, DC fanatics can finally rejoice, because the wait is almost over as The Batman returns to the big screen across UK cinemas.

The comic book hero’s latest film finally has a release date following a year of delay, with the latest big screen adaptation of the comic book hero with the Hollywood blockbuster The Batman set to hit UK cinemas.

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Directed, written and produced by American filmmaker Mark Reeves (Cloverfield, Let Me In), the movie has been hit by delays owing to the coronavirus pandemic and was originally scheduled for a cinema release in mid-2021.

Robert Pattinson attends "The Batman" World Premiere on March 01, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)
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Robert Pattinson will be the latest A-lister to take on the lead role as the masked vigilante, with the Brit following in the footsteps of Christian Bale, Val Kilmer and Michael Keaton.

The film, originally given the working title of ‘Vengeance’, will feature a number of his arch-enemies, with the Caped Crusader set to face off against The Riddler and The Penguin.

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The latest instalment from Reeves is said to be fresh take on the superhero franchise which has proven immensely popular since it first hit cinemas back in 1989.

Who is in cast for The Batman?

The cast attend "The Batman" World Premiere on March 01, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Star of The Lighthouse and Twilight Robert Pattinson will portray the role of DC favourite The Caped Crusader for the first time, taking over the role last played by Christian Bale.

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As confirmed early in 2019, the 34-year-old Hollywood heartthrob takes over the role from Ben Affleck, who last took on the role of Batman in the 2017 Justice League movie.

‘R-Patz’ is not the only big name cast in Reeves’ film though, with Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood, Little Miss Sunshine) taking the role of The Riddler/Edward Nashton, while award-winning Irish actor Colin Farrell takes the role of fellow Batman villain Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin.

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Zoë Kravitz (Divergent), the daughter of rock icon Lenny, will play Selina Kyle/Catwoman. Elsewhere John Turturro (The Big Lebowski), Peter Sarsgaard (Green Lantern) and Andy Serkis (Lord Of The Rings) complete the star studded line-up.

Where is Robert Pattinson from? Who is Robert Pattinson?

The 35-year-old actor was born in London on May 13 1986.

The British actor started acting aged just 15, making his acting debut in the big budget Hollywood franchise of Harry Potter, where he portrayed the role of Cedric Diggory in the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

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However, his breakout role came in the Twilight series, where he played the leading role of vampire Edward Cullen between the years of 2008 until 2012. This helped his garner worldwide recognition and led to him roles in films such as How To Be, which he won the Best Actor award at Strasbourg Film Festival for his performance.

He then went on to win critical acclaim for his role alongside Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse, with the film picking up a gong at the Cannes Film Festival.

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He was also heavily praised for his performances in the 2018 film High Life, while it was reported he won the coveted role of The Batman for his leading role of Constantine "Connie" Nikas in 2017’s Good Time.

Pattinson was cast as The Batman in 2019, and with Director Reeves admitting he had already considered Pattinson for the role after seeing his performance in Good Time, even writing the script with him in mind.

When is The Batman released in UK cinemas?

Originally scheduled for release in June 2020, The Batman was held back on its worldwide release.

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However, a confirmed release has now been given as March 4, which mirrors the US release. Posters have already starting popping into cinema chains such as Cineworld and Odean.

What The Batman age rating? What is the runtime is The Batman?

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Matt Reeves’ The Batman appears to be an epic watch, with a runtime of 2 hours and 55 minutes.

It has been awarded a PG-13 in the United States – the equivalent of a 12A in the UK. However, the BBFC have no confirmed an age rating of 15 in the United Kingdom.



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