Terrifier 2 reaction, Decision To Leave review and our favourite gore-filled horror movies - The Scotsman film podcast

Terrifier 2 has been the horror hit of 2022, with reports gore-loving clown Art has made audiences faint and vomit across the pond. It was released in the UK this week, so what do Scotsman film fanatics Graham and Dave make of it?

(Not) Everyone’s A Film Critic is back with a gore-soaked special, just in time for the Halloween.

After garnering praise from the Master of Horror Stephen King and making reportedly over ten times its budget, it is fair to say Damien Leone’s Terrifier 2 has by the breakout horror hit of 2022.

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David Howard Thornton shines in new gore-filled horror Terrifier 2 - out now in the UK. Cr: Signature Entertainment

With the Witching Hour just around the corner, horror movies are coming thick and fast at the cinema, however, few have made audiences pass out and gag in the theatre – which is a right of passage for many involved in the genre.

At worst, it is a sure fire way to etch yourself into the horror hall of fame.

After a limited cinematic release in the US was extended by three weeks, Terrifier 2 was finally given a UK release with the launch of the BluRay on October 24 – and myself and Dave were quick to dive into what all the fuss was about.

Terrifier 2 has seen audiences in America faint in theatres. Cr: Signature

We also have a look at legendary Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook’s new film Decision To Leave, which is a real departure from his iconic movies such as Oldboy and The Handmaiden. Did we like it? Well, it is fair to say there is a split in the camp on this one.

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As this week’s topic of discussion, we stayed on the horror theme and picked our top three favourite gorey horror movies – and there’s some interesting twists!

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