Outlander finale: Recap and how to watch final episode of Outlander Season 6

The Outlander Season 6 finale has now been released – and Claire and Jamie Fraser have got to fight for their freedom.

We can hardly believe it, but the last episode of Outlander Season 6 is finally here.

“What do we do, fight to the death?” asks Claire in the teaser trailer for Episode 8: ‘I Am Not Alone’.

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In the clip, we see Jamie and Claire (Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe) having to defend their home with rifles, in what is set to be an explosive end to the season.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Outlander Season 6 finale.

When is the Outlander Season 6 finale? How to watch episode 8

Season 6 Episode 8 ‘I Am Not Alone’ aired on Sunday, May 1.

Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser in the Outlander Season 6 finale (Starz)

The episode was released on Starz at about 9pm US time – so around 2am on Monday morning for UK viewers.

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Outlander is only available to watch on Starz in the UK, which can be accessed via Amazon Prime.

It is not available on Netflix, Disney+ or any other streaming service.

Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) in the season finale of Outlander Season 6 (Starz)
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Why are there only eight episodes of Outlander Season 6? Is this the last Outlander season?

Fans might be disappointed Outlander Season 6 is a relatively short season, with only eight episodes.

This is because it was filmed during the Covid pandemic, which made production difficult.

Also, lead actor Caitriona Balfe was pregnant during filming, and it made sense to cut the season short rather than try and hide her bump.

Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) in the season finale of Outlander Season 6 (Starz)

However, this is not the last season of Outlander. Outlander Season 7 is happening and it’s already started filming.

To make up for a short Season 6, it’s going to be a “supersized” 16 episodes long.

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What happened in the Outlander Season 6 finale? Episode 8 recap

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Warning: Outlander Season 6 spoilers ahead.

In the Season 6 finale, Richard Brown (Chris Larkin) and his ‘Committee of Safety’ arrive to arrest Claire for murder.

If you remember, Richard's brother Lionel Brown (Ned Dennehy) captured and terrorised Claire in Season 5, leading to her PTSD and ether addiction this season.

Lionel was then killed by Marsali, and his brother Richard vowed retribution in the Season 5 finale.

Well, here it is. After the murder of Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds), the superstitious folk of Fraser’s Ridge turn on Claire and call her a witch.

The Committee of Safety arrives to arrest her and take her to court – but this Sassenach does not go quietly.

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Jamie and Claire barricade their home and fight to defend themselves. They wonder if this is the night the house is burned down, alluded to in the obituary found by Roger and Bree.

Reinforcements arrive in the form of the Ardsmuir men, but it isn’t enough and Jamie tells Claire they will probably have to go with Richard Brown or fight to their deaths.

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The pair spend a steamy ‘last night’ in bed together and in the morning are bundled into the back of a cart with Brown’s men and Tom Christie.

Then, at a stop, Jamie is knocked out and they drive off with Claire. Brown confesses he isn’t doing this for revenge, but because he believes she killed Malva.

Tom Christie, who has stayed with Claire to “ensure her safety”, tells Claire that Jamie is alive when they arrive in Wilmington for her trial.

Meanwhile, Jamie is tied to a post on a beach and is being beaten by Brown’s men.

Just as one is about to strike him with the butt of a gun, the man is shot by an arrow. Ian and the Cherokee arrive and kill Brown’s men. “I told you I would fight with you, Bear Killer," says Chief Bird.

Elsewhere, Brianna and Roger have to shave Jemmy’s head when he gets lice. It reveals a strange birth mark, which Roger says he also has.

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The moment seems to confirm Roger is Jemmy’s biological father, rather than the rapist Stephen Bonnet.

The finale ends on the cliffhanger of Claire and Jamie being separated while she is imprisoned awaiting trial.

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Will Jamie, the Cherokee and Young Ian be able to save her in time?

For those who have read the Diana Gabaldon Outlander books, you’ll have an idea of what happens next.

What do you think of the Season 6 finale, and who really killed Malva?

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