Obi-Wan Kenobi: All you need to know about Episodes 1 and 2 on Disney Plus, including full episode breakdowns

Warning: major spoilers below for the first two episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

As Obi-Wan Kenobi premieres on Disney Plus, fans are excited to see the return of Star Wars icons Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen, last seen in the prequels. They’re joined by a range of new faces that some will only recognise from the comics.

With two episodes dropping on May 27th, there was plenty to get stuck into. New episodes will release each Friday to come for the next four weeks, making six episodes in total.

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For now, here’s a look at exactly what happened in the first two episodes.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 1 breakdown

The show opens with unnamed younglings running from Order 66, with Jedis dying all around them.

We then shift to Tatooine , where Jedi Inquisitors are interrogating a saloon owner. A Jedi flees from them when two Inquisitors, called Grand Inquisitor and Third Sister argue with one another, as she wants to hunt for Kenobi, aka “bigger prey”.

Ewan McGregor returns to star in Obi-Wan Kenobi. Photo: Disney+ via AP.Ewan McGregor returns to star in Obi-Wan Kenobi. Photo: Disney+ via AP.
Ewan McGregor returns to star in Obi-Wan Kenobi. Photo: Disney+ via AP.

We then cut to Kenobi working in a meat harvesting factory in the sands of Tatooine, where Obi-Wan is clearly bothered by the overseer’s treatment of workers but says nothing. He rides out to his home, hidden in some rocks, where he bargains with a Jawa for some parts. from the Jawa Obi-Wan hears about the fleeing Jedi, but says that the Jedi are “all but extinct”.

He wakes from nightmares about Anakin, Padme, and the events of the prequels and calls for Master Qui-Gon but receives no answer. The next day, he travels to the Skywalkers to keen an eye on Luke, where he sees him pretend to fly a ship.

On his way home in the dark, he is approached by Nari, the fleeing Jedi. When Nari questions him, Obi-Wan says his name is Ben and that he must be making some kind of mistake. He tells Nari he should bury his lightsaber and that the fight is done and “the time of the Jedi is over”.

Enter Leia Organa

Moses Ingram takes on the role of Third Sister, aka Reva, one of the show's primary antagonists. Photo: Disney+ via AP.Moses Ingram takes on the role of Third Sister, aka Reva, one of the show's primary antagonists. Photo: Disney+ via AP.
Moses Ingram takes on the role of Third Sister, aka Reva, one of the show's primary antagonists. Photo: Disney+ via AP.
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We then cut to young Leia on Alderaan, where a body double has been left in place of the young Princess, reminiscent of young Padme on Naboo. The real Leia is in the woods, watching the ships fly in with a droid called Lola. Her mother comes out to get her to come back in, but as they walk in, it’s revealed someone is watching them from the woods.

Owen Skywalker comes to confront Obi-Wan about leaving a toy for Luke, asking him to leave him alone. Obi-Wan says that Luke one day will need to be trained, but Owen says he won’t let it happen, blaming Obi-Wan for Anakin’s death.

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As Owen goes to leave, the Inquisitors arrive, promising punishment for anyone harbouring a Jedi. A woman argues back, and the Third Sister (aka Reva) cuts off her hand with a red lightsaber. She questions Owen, believing him to have information about the Jedi, but he replies only that Jedi are vermin.

Nonetheless, Reva says that if someone doesn’t tell her where the Jedi are, she will kill Owen and his family. Another Inquisitor tells Reva to stand down, as she raises her saber to Owen’s throat. As they leave, the Inquisitor tells her that she is too impulsive and she reiterates that she wants to go after Kenobi.

We then return to Alderaan, where Leia and her parents wait for the arrival of their guests. At the event, they discuss politics, with Senator Organa arguing that there are ongoing issues with the Empire. Leia argues with the other politicians’ children, as her cousin teases her about not being a true Organa and never leaving the planet. Her father gives her a pep talk and encourages her that she will make a great Senator and that she is “an Organa in every way”.

After the talk, Leia runs into the words and is confronted by a band of men, led by the one who was watching her earlier. They chase her through the woods, kill one of the Palace guards, and put a bag over her head to capture her, taking her onto their ship.

Return to the fight

Obi-Wan gets a message from Senator Organa, begging him for help to find Leia again. He is reluctant, but Organa argues she is just as important as Luke. Obi-Wan goes on to say that he is not who he once was and they should find someone else to find her.

The next morning, Obi-Wan sees Nari strung up dead in the centre of town. He returns home to find Bail Organa in his home, telling him that Leia is headed to Daiyu and asking him once more to fight “one last fight” for Leia.

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We return to Leia on the kidnappers’ ship, where Lola attempts to free her but is broken by the leader of the group in the process. He tells Leia that no one is coming for her.

Obi-Wan heads into the desert to retrieve his lightsaber, along with Anakin’s. It’s then revealed that the kidnappers are working for Reva, as she tells them that Anakin will come for Leia, having fought alongside Organa in the Clone Wars. The episode ends with Obi-Wan boarding a ship, with his lightsaber belted to his side.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 2 breakdown

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Obi-Wan arrives in Daiyu and is told that ships can’t be tracked there, where “people like their secrets”. He once again states that he needs guidance from his master, Qui-Gon, and is then asked for change by a Clone Wars veteran, played Temuera Morrison. He explores Daiyu and is approached by a boy who can take him to a Jedi. We then see this ‘Jedi’, played by Kumail Nanjiani, who helps a mother and her Force-sensitive son get to safety.

Obi-Wan approaches and confronts Haja Estree about his fake powers, the work of magnets and remotes. He tells him Haja now needs to help him find Leia, and he agrees.

Obi-Wan then follows someone into a spice lab and breaks into the back rooms. When confronted by two workers, he is forced to fight them, but reveals he has lost his fighting edge. He still overpowers them and asks where the girl is.

When he walks into the room, he finds only a droid covered in a cloak and is then captured by the kidnappers. They reveal they were hired by Third Sister, but Obi-Wan manages to escape.

Obi-Wan then finds Leia in another room and takes her with him, despite her reluctance to trust him. They exit into the streets of Daiyu. Reva finds the kidnappers incapacitated by Obi-Wan exploding a vial of spice.

Internal conflict among the Inquisitors

The Grand Inquisitor confronts Reva about kidnapping Leia to find Kenobi and “gain favour”, implying that she wants to impress Vader. He also tells her that she is “the least of him” and then says that he will find Kenobi himself. Despite being ordered to stand down, Reva puts out a planet-wide search among the criminals of Daiyu to find Kenobi in the hopes that he will expose himself.

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Leia and Obi-Wan walk through Daiyu and Leia accuses him of lying about being a Jedi and teases him for being old. Haja Estree sees the reward on his head and sets out to find them.

The Grand Inquisitor orders for the port to be shut down, calling Kenobi “the last ember of a dying age”. He then realises that Reva is still searching for Kenobi, to his anger.

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When Leia realises people are looking for Obi-Wan, she loses trust in him and runs from him, believing him to be the true kidnapper. They escape to the roofs and are pursued by bounty hunters, drawing Reva to them. As Leia runs, she falls from the roof of the building, forcing Obi-Wan to use the Force to slow her fall, just in time to save her. He makes it down to the streets to find her, gaining her trust that he’s a Jedi and a friend.

Haja Estree finds them and advises them to go to a cargo port as a way out. He says he’s trying to make amends by helping them escape Daiyu. Shortly after, Reva finds Haja and extracts the information about Obi-Wan from his mind. She heads to the cargo port to find them, interrupting a touching moment where Obi-Wan says Leia reminds him of a fearless leader who died long ago, implying that it’s Padme.


Reva says she doesn’t want to kill Obi-Wan, but just take him to Lord Vader. She then tells him that Anakin Skywalker is alive and has been looking for him for a long time. Just before Reva finds Obi-Wan, the Grand Inquisitor interrupts her but she kills him for trying to stop her finding Obi-Wan. Both Obi-Wan and Leia escape Reva on the cargo ship, leaving her standing alone and frustrated.

The episode closes with Obi-Wan saying Anakin’s name in shock, then a dramatic cut to Vader inside his tank and his mask hissing threateningly.

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