These 8 new releases on Netflix come recommended. Cr: Netflix

Netflix Best New Series 2022: Here are 8 of best films and TV shows on Netflix UK this week

Here are are 8 of the best new releases streaming on Netflix UK this coming week.

Netflix have responded to their difficult start to the year by releasing some of the world’s most critically acclaimed TV hits and blockbuster films.

After losing subscribers for the first time in a decade at the start of 2022, there is little chance they will suffer the same fate due to a renewed sense that Netflix is reaching its target audience and more.

With the year drawing to a close, the packed list of great content is just growing and growing.

The launch of some exciting new Netflix Originals, limited series, documentaries and licensed material coming to Netflix this week, it is safe to say the streamer is still right at the top of its game in the streaming world.

With the nights getting darker faster, we’ve put together a list of the best new content streaming on the platform this coming week.

So here are 8 new releases on Netflix that we recommend you tune into this week.

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