These 8 Netflix TV shows are said to be packed with spooky jam scares. Cr: Netflix

Netflix Best Horror 2022: The 8 of best horror series on Netflix UK - in order of jump scares

Here are the 8 scariest Netflix TV shows released on the platform in 2022.

Christmas is on the way and Halloween is long, however, Netflix still have stacks of spooky television shows loaded on their platform to enjoy as the year comes to a close.

Horror have been a staple of the entertainment business for decades now, and while horror comes in different shapes and sizes, the adrenaline that comes with a jump scare is almost unparalleled.

One of the most effective and terrifying effects of a horror, the ‘jump scare’ has notoriously spooked audiences for almost a century – as many will attest that to!

However, if you’re wanting to ensure you and your household don’t waste time on a movie that doesn’t scare in the right way, using website Where’s The Jump?, we’ve put together a list of the scariest movies on Netflix UK this Halloween, using ‘jump scare per movie’ as our main metric.

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