Maestro: When is Maestro on Netflix, who is in the cast of Maestro, who was Leonard Bernstein

Bradley Cooper stars as Leonard Bernstein in Maestro. Cr. NetflixBradley Cooper stars as Leonard Bernstein in Maestro. Cr. Netflix
Bradley Cooper stars as Leonard Bernstein in Maestro. Cr. Netflix | Netflix
When is Maestro released on Netflix? Here is everything you need to know about Bradley Cooper's role as Leonard Bernstein

It has already gone down a storm with critics and now the new biopic about legendary composer Leonard Bernstein is set for a worldwide release on streaming service Netflix.

Written and directed by Hollywood heartthrob Bradley Cooper, the blockbuster will focus on the life and times of one of the world's most iconic composers and a man who musical genius gave him the nickname 'Maestro' within his social circle.

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Already in cinemas, here is everything you need to know ahead of the release of Maestro on Netflix this December.

The trailer for Maestro is able to be viewed here.

What is Maestro about, Maestro review

The film is centred on famous composer Leonard Bernstein and his wife Felicia Montealegre (Carey Mulligan), rather than solely his career.

It has been directed by the film's main star Cooper, who plays Bernstein in the movie, and produced by film icons such as Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg alongside him.

The film has been received well by critics and audiences alike, with Rotten Tomatoes scoring the film at 82% and iMDB handing it at 7.2 rating. Critics have said the film is "full of creative swirls" and have heralded the performance of Mulligan and Cooper as "exquisitely stylized performances". Mulligan in particular has been highly praised for her role in the film.

Maestro cast

Alongside side main stars Cooper and Mulligan, the following star:

Matt Bomer as David Oppenheim

Maya Hawke as Jamie Bernstein

Sarah Silverman as Shirley Bernstein

Michael Urie as Jerome Robbins

Brian Klugman as Aaron Copland

Gideon Glick as Tommy Cothran

Sam Nivola as Alexander Bernstein

Miriam Shor as Cynthia O'Neal

Alexa Swinton as Nina Bernstein

Josh Hamilton as John Gruen

Zachary Booth as Mendy Wager

Who was Leonard Bernstein

Born in Lawrence, Massachusetts in 1918, Bernstein become one of the world's most celebrated composers, conductors and pianists and was world renowned the world over until his death in 1990.

A composer in both symphonic and orchestral music, the American also wrote for ballet, film, theatre and numerous other genres across his time in music. Bernstein was the first American-born conductor to lead a major American symphony orchestra.

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He was well known for On the Town (1944; filmed 1949), Wonderful Town (1953; filmed 1958), Candide (1956), and, of course, the ever popular West Side Story (1957; filmed 1961), which he wrote in collaboration with Stephen Sondheim and Jerome Robbins.

However, Maestro will concentrate more on Bernstein's private life. It is well documented that Bernstein loved two main things in life, his wife Montealegre and his music. However, the film details the way in which the iconic composer balanced those things with his love for men.

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Many scholars have agreed that despite Bernstein's love for his wife, he was a gay man as opposed to theories that he was bisexual previously. It is said that Montealegre was aware of this and knew the truth about his sexuality and outside relationships, but chose to stay married to him him, remaining with the composing icon until her death in 1978. The couple had three children together.

Maestro release date - when is Maestro out on Netflix

The new film has given a limited run in theatres after landing in cinemas across the UK on November 2023. It is currently screening at various cinemas across Scotland, such as the Glasgow Film Theatre and Everyman Cinema.

If you're wanting to watch the biopic at home though, Maestro is released exclusively on Netflix this month and is scheduled for a release on December 20 via the platform.

It will be launched on Netflix at 8.01am on the day of release and you must have a Netflix UK subscription to watch. You can subscribe to Netflix UK from £4.99 here.

Maestro run time, age rating

The film has a fairly epic run time of 129 minutes and the BBFC have given the biopic a rating of 15 for strong language, brief drug misuse.



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