Looking for a movie to watch this week? Try these 10 films added on streaming giant Netflix this week. Photo credit: Top: Getty Images, Bottom: Netflix.

Best new Netflix movies 2022: 10 of the most highly rated movies released on Netflix UK this week, as per Rotten Tomatoes

Here are 10 of the best newly added movies to watch this week on Netflix.

From teen classics to award winning Joaquin Phoenix films, Netflix is adding a fantastic selection of movies to their platform this week, as it continues to dominate the media world.

With an astonishing 213 million reported subscribers worldwide, Netflix have added a supreme selection for the first week in March to ensure they’ll continue to be the market leader for streaming.

They’ll be adding some real Hollywood classics to their platform in March, as Marvel heroes hit the subscription service, alongside some true 1970s classic movies.

So grab that control, settle into your couch and check out the 10 best films that have been added to Netflix this week.

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