Netflix has a ton of new bingeworthy shows and films coming in December. Photo credit: Getty Images/Canva Pro/Netflix

Best Netflix new releases in December: 10 films and series new to Netflix - from Don't Look Up to Emily In Paris

Streaming service Netflix are adding a host of great films and highly anticipated new TV shows to its platform ahead of the festive season.

A host of new TV shows and blockbuster movies will be moving onto the popular streaming platform Netflix this month, with new releases starring the likes of A-listers Leonardo Di Caprio, Sandra Bullock and more.

There’s never been more choice when it comes to what to watch, from TV shows and documentaries to films and original series.

It’s no wonder Netflix have a reported 213 million subscribers worldwide.

With the festive season peeking around the corner, Netflix’s new additions in December promise to be full of cheer – or incredibly gripping and binge-worthy.

Here are 10 of the best new shows and films on Netflix this month. In the UK, new shows and films will be available to stream at 8:01am on day of release.

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