Netflix are adding some exciting new movies - and classics - their platform in February. Photo credit: Netflix

Netflix February 2022: 10 of the best films new to Netflix in February

Netflix have added a ton of great news films to the platform in February. Here’s our pick of the best movies available right now.

Netflix continues to boom, with millions of subscribers tuning in monthly to its list of exclusive and classic films.

However, with close to a reported 300 million customers, we should not be surprised that Netflix continues to dominate over the other streaming platforms, as they fill their service to the brim with great new movies every month.

And it’s no surprise to see streaming giant Netflix starting the new year with a bang, as they continue to ensure their platform is stacked with great films throughout February, starring the likes of Hollywood royalty Robert De Niro and Jake Gyllenhaal.

There are also some highly anticipated brand new movies from cult directors such as Jean Pierre-Jeunet on the way too.

Netflix’s new additions in February 2022 promise to be full of hilarity, action and entertainment – and are, most importantly, binge-worthy.

Here are 10 of the best films that are being added to Netflix next month.

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