Netflix have released a number of popular anime shows and films in the last year. Photo credit: Netflix.

Best anime on Netflix 2022: Here are 10 of the best anime films and series to watch on Netflix in the new year

The success of the streaming service has seen a rise in quality Netflix produced anime over the past 12 months. Here are 10 of the best new Anime shows currently available to stream.

Television giant Netflix once again dominated the streaming world last year, with many of us finding the platform a saving grace throughout a turbulent last 12 months.

A host of top TV shows, hilarious animated comedies and films all exclusive to the streaming platform have seen Netflix become the go to app for many of us, as fans check in to watch some of the most bingeable shows around.

While Netflix has been extremely popular for nigh on a decade now, it is perhaps natural to see them dip their toes into varying genres, and 2021 saw Netflix take a plunge into cult genre anime.

A style of animation, often originating in Japan, anime shows and films are mainly characterised by colourful graphics, vibrant characters and action-packed plots which normally follow fantastic or futuristic themes.

With the animated shows growing in popularity, Netflix have began to their cater more content for their audience, releasing a number of highly rated anime hits which have delighted fanatics.

So, if you are looking for the next anime series to binge on, or you’re just curious about the genre and want to see what are the best series on Netflix to begin with, take a look at our list of Netflix’s most popular anime releases over the past 12 months.

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