My Friend Dahmer: Is Jeffrey Dahmer dead, who killed Jeffrey Dahmer, Jeffrey Dahmer brother now

My Friend Dahmer is a true crime dramatisation of the early years of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

 Jeffrey L. Dahmer was arrested in 1991 (Getty Images) Jeffrey L. Dahmer was arrested in 1991 (Getty Images)
Jeffrey L. Dahmer was arrested in 1991 (Getty Images)

Following the success of true crime series ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’, the film dramatization 'My Friend Dahmer' about the serial killers early years as a teen has been released on Netflix.

The drama series delves deep into the schooldays of one of American most notorious serial killers and cannibals, Jeffrey Dahmer, as told by one of his previous friends during his teenage years.

Born in Milwaukee, Dahmer was convicted of the killing and dismemberment of 17 men and boys between the years of 1978 and 1991. His first victim – Steven Hicks – is thought to be have been murdered when the killer was just 18-years-old.

One of the American’s most feared and infamous serial killers, Dahmer reportedly kept his victim’s body parts in jars as ‘trophies’ and was also known to practice cannibalism.

Netflix have previously released a true crime series that delves into the life and crimes of the man dubbed the Milwaukee Monster, which took taken the streaming platform by storm.

The series explored the killer’s early life and his relationships with his father Lionel, mother Joyce, stepmother Shari, grandmother Catherine and the largely unknown relationship with his younger brother, David.

Is Jeffrey Dahmer dead, who killed Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer only spent a total of three years in jail before his death, dying being bars on November 28, 1994.

The state of Wisconsin was the first in American to abolish capital punishment (in 1853) meaning, despite his crimes, Dahmer was not handed the death penalty.

Due to this, authorities were concerned the notorious killer would be a target of fellow inmates.

This concern meant Dahmer was given protective isolation for his first year behind bars. However, he was later released from isolation and put amongst a 600-strong prisoner population.

Shortly after this, in 1992, a prisoner attempted to slit Dahmer’s throat with a plastic spoon. He was eventually murdered after an attack by fellow inmate Christopher Scarver in the Columbia Correctional Facility in Wisconsin.

Scarver, who was serving a 25-year-sentence for an armed robbery-turned-murder, killed Dahmer in the weight room of the prison gym after crushing his skull with a metal bar.

Jeffrey Dahmer brother, where is David Dahmer

In another Dahmer series produced by Netflix, ‘Monster – The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’, it is revealed that Jeffrey had a younger brother by the name of David.

The series reveals the David was actually named by his older brother – a fact which was confirmed by Jeffrey Dahmer’s parents Shari and Lionel.

The duo’s parents also revealed in a 2004 interview with Larry King that two brother’s “enjoyed themselves as brothers”, though the personalities of the two were very opposite, with David much more outgoing and sociable.

Some sources reported that David’s personality angered Jeffrey, though the serial killer’s parent denied this, with his father Lionel telling King that he loved David very much, adding that whenever Jeffrey got angry, he did not direct it towards his younger sibling and that he never physically harmed him.

David Dahmer has not been seen, nor heard of, since that interview on American TV. It is understood that David changed his name following his brother’s horrendous crimes and that he now lives a new life, away from public scrutiny.