Here are 8 of the best new releases on Netflix UK this week. Cr: Netflix/Getty Images

Best new films and series on Netflix UK: 8 of the best new releases on Netflix this week in May 📺

The streaming giant are set to release a host of great new series and films on their platform this week. Here’s our pick of the best 8 to watch.

Friday, 13th May 2022, 10:27 am

A load of engaging new series, combined with a list of fabulous recent films are launched on the streaming platform Netflix this week.

While there has been suggestions the platform has lost subscribers for the first time in a decade this year, there can be no denying that Netflix is still the go to platform for the bulk of the public with over 200 million subscribers reported.

Last week saw brand new gripping true crime, Ryan Gosling hit Blade Runner and a critically acclaimed new A24 movie, The Souvenir, all hit the platform as May continues to add to the subscription services impressive list of content.

And while there’s more than just the media listed in this article released on Netflix this, here is our list of the 8 best new releases on the platform this week.

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