All Of Us Are Dead: How to watch new Netflix Korean zombie show, cast and trailer

The highly anticipated new Netflix zombie drama is set to be added to the streaming service soon. Here’s what we know about the series so far.
Korean zombie drama 'All of Us Are Dead' is highly anticipated. Photo credit: Netflix.Korean zombie drama 'All of Us Are Dead' is highly anticipated. Photo credit: Netflix.
Korean zombie drama 'All of Us Are Dead' is highly anticipated. Photo credit: Netflix.

Squid Game and Hellbound proved a huge success in 2021 for Netflix, and the streaming giant have released even more bingeable Korean drama with of the highly anticipated ‘All of Us Are Dead.’

The brand new series, which is directed by Lee Jae Gyoo (Trap, Intimate Strangers), sees two of Netflix’s most popular genres fused together, as South Korean drama meets zombie horror.

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The streaming giant have already confirmed they will be releasing 25 new Korean series throughout the year after seeing the market dominate the streaming world over the past 12 months. However, with a tantalising story line and a starring role for Squid Game fan favourite Lee Yoo-mi (Player No. 240), viewer anticipation for All of Us Are Dead is high.

Here is when the series will be released on the streaming platform, and what we know so far.

What is All of Us Are Dead about?

Based on Joo Dong-geun’s Now At Our School webtoon, All of Us Are Dead sees a zombie apocalypse explode in the local area – with the local high school becoming ground zero for the flesh tearing, brain munching outbreak.

As the chaos wreaking virus takes hold on the high school, a large portion of the students become contaminated, turning a bulk of the school building into savages. With only a few survivors remaining on the campus, they must bond together in order to survive the most terrifying ordeals.

The latest trailer, which was released on January 14, has heightened the excitement for the show and has been viewed by 7.4 million people

“Korean films are absolutely them. ‘Train To Busan’ has to be one of the finest horror films ever” said one YouTube user, while another added: “Story aside, the cinematography alone is exceptional. This along with shows like Squid Game, Korean cinematographers really know their craft. Visually engaging and remarkable!”

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"So amazing to see Webtoons turned into live action movies. Hellbound, Sweet Home and All of Us Are Dead. So good” said another.

When is All of Us Are Dead released on Netflix UK? How can I watch it?

Netflix have already confirmed that they’ll be eight episodes of the new series, which run at an average of 42 minutes each – so there’s plenty to binge on!

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The horror drama has worldwide release, with the TV series being available across the globe since January 28.

To watch the series, you must have a Netflix subscription – you apply for an account here, with prices ranging from £5.99 to £13.99 depending on the package you take out.

Currently only one season of the show is planned but, with the success of the zombie genre and Korean drama growing by the day, don’t be surprised to see this become a massive success and extra seasons.

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