Dance, Physical Theatre & Circus Review: Out, Summerhall (26), Edinburgh

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There is an audaciousness to this two-hander that you can’t help admire, frustrating though it is at times.

Rachael Young and marikiscrycrycry (aka New York-born dance artist Malik Nashad Sharpe) are already in the zone when we enter the theatre. A heavy dance beat ushers us in (ear plugs provided for those with sensitive ears) and the atmosphere is dark and clubby.

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There is so much sensuality, sexuality and sass in their movement, it feels almost wrong to watch them – like being a voyeur in a sex club. But there is also a proud defiance, a celebration of the human body, the skin we’re in and the lives we lead.

Young and marikiscrycrycry set out to explore the need to fit in – to be ‘black enough, straight enough, Jamaican enough’. And although this is pertinent to them, there’s a universality to the desire to be ourselves meeting daily compromise.

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Laced with spoken word snatches of homophobic/transphobic dogma, the beat drives on, as the duo pull on some high heeled shoes and become almost machine-like in their repetition. The decision to spend 20 minutes peeling and cutting up oranges is questionable, though – and if there’s a valid reason for it, it’s unclear here.

Until 25 August

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