Comedy review: Laser Kiwi, Assembly George Square Gardens, Edinburgh

There are some breathtaking moments in this show, which combines comedy and circus.

Laser Kiwi, Assembly George Square Gardens * * *

Laser Kiwi are three hipsterish New Zealanders who perform simple sketches, juggling and rope tricks. Their name comes from an alternative Kiwi flag featuring the flightless bird, a leaf and a neon laser beam.

Dressed in simple black bodysuits the three performers bound on and off stage to show us their ideas. There’s a beautiful and daring rope act, some juggling and an incredible feat of balancing involving a packet of sweets.

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The trio use a lot of toys and tiny props, bursts of music and silly visual tricks. It’s stylish, original and sweet but a little slow in places. Handing out sheets of paper with a list of tricks holds up the action and doesn’t really add anything.

It could be the size of the circus tent that’s the issue. The tricks the props and the jokes are all too small for the space.

But it’s a neat concept – they are an engaging and likeable bunch – and the idea of switching between gags, prop jokes and physical tricks adds an additional element of wonder and surprise.

Until 25 August. Today 10:30pm.

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