First Look: Trailer unveiled for Edinburgh-set feature film Our Ladies

A trailer has been unveiled for an eagerly-awaited new Scottish movie about a group of Highland schoolgirls running wild in Edinburgh.

Movie giants Sony have offered the first glimpses of the antics of the six characters - described as "the sisters of no mercy" in the film's social media campaign at the heart of the film Our Ladies.

It was hailed by critics for its portrayal of female friendship after its world premiere at the London Film Festival last year.

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Rob Roy director Michael Caton-Jones has adapted Alan Warner's best-selling novel The Sopranos for the big screen after a long struggling to win financial backing from the film industry.

Set in the mid-1990s, the film, which has been billed as "Pitch Perfect meets Trainspotting," charts the events which unfold when the teenagers from an all-girls school head to Edinburgh to take part in a choir competition, but instead set off in pursuit of booze and boys.

Marli Siu, Sally Messham, Rona Morison, Tallulah Greive, Abigail Lawrie and Eve Austin are the largely-unknown stars of the film, which will be released on 24 April and also stars award-winning Scottish actress Kate Dickie.

They are all introduced in the trailer, to a soundtrack of Edwyn Collins' hit A Girl Like You and a country of the Big Country hit In a Big Country, which sets the scene with a voiceover declaring: "It was a different time then, before social media and mobile phones changed everything forever. It was 1996."

Sony's announcement about the film's release said: "Our Ladies follows a group of Scottish schoolgirls on a day trip to Edinburgh to perform in a choir competition.

"For these teens from a small town in the Scottish Highlands, it becomes a chance to escape their daily lives and run riot in the big city.

"With few expectations for their futures, Orla, Finnoula, Manda, Kay, Chell and Kylah are determined to live for every moment in this raucous tale of love, life and true friendship."

Shot on location in Fort William, Edinburgh and Glasgow, the production was announced in 2018, more than two decades after Caton-Jones secured the rights to turn the book into a film.

The Broxburn-born filmmaker has told how he started off wanting to make a contemporary film set in 1990s Scotland, but ended up with "a period piece."

Our Ladies has been billed as a cross between Trainspotting and Pitch Perfect.

He said last year: "As soon as I read the book I thought: ‘I’m having this if I can.’ It was just the most fantastic piece of writing.

“I thought there was a great film in it as it was a world that I really knew. I also thought no-one else would realise how accurate it was as there weren’t really any other Scottish film directors around at the time.

“But nobody was interested in making films about women and young girls until recently.

“I bought the film rights, wrote the script and tried everywhere, but the BFI, the BBC and Channel 4 all ran a million miles away from it. They were horrified at the idea that anyone would want to make a film about these girls.

Our Ladies follows the antics of a group of Highland schoolgirls who set off to Edinburgh for a choir competition.

“There was a lot of negativity and for the life of me I just couldn’t work out what was wrong with it.”