5 things that Taylor Swift said about Scotland while performing the Eras Tour in Edinburgh

The Eras Tour has come to Edinburgh - here’s what Taylor Swift has said about Scotland while she’s here.

With the Eras Tour dominating the country during its three night stint at Murrayfield in Edinburgh, fans at the show, and fans not at the show have been ecstatic with Taylor’s comments about this fair country.

Here are five things that Taylor Swift has said about Scotland during her Edinburgh weekend with the Eras Tour.

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Folklore was based on Scotland. Well, sort of.

At Friday’s show, Taylor Swift spoke about the world of Folklore, a world which she created that is explored in her album of the same name. She said that she imagined walking around in a beautiful wilderness, which she described in detail.

She said: “This foresty, mossy, beautiful, natural world which I now realise is probably just based on videos I’ve seen online of Scotland.”

The pop icon dazzled fans as she took to the stageThe pop icon dazzled fans as she took to the stage
The pop icon dazzled fans as she took to the stage

“We don’t come to Scotland enough”

On the Saturday night concert, she lamented that she didn’t come to perform in Scotland enough, which delighted the crowds at Murrayfield, who whooped and cheered in response.

She said: “My one regret in terms of the tours that we’ve done is that I really, really should have come to play in Scotland more. That’s very clear.”

She said she was so happy with how welcoming Scotland is

Again, on Saturday’s show, Taylor thanked the fans for their welcome and their enthusiasm, but she went on to say that it wasn’t just in the stadium that she felt welcome and happy in the country.

She explained: “You’ve been so just beautifully generous to us, even before we got here. Just the way that you have shown love and passion then we get here and you guys are like this.

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This is one of her favourite places to perform on her tour

Taylor delighted the already hyped up fans by saying that Scotland was one of her favourite places to perform on the tour.

During her Red Era performance, she took some time to praise and thank the crowd, adding: "You have made us feel so at home in Scotland!” She then confirmed that Scotland was “one of my favourite places to be on tour!"

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We Are Never Getting Back Together

During the song We Are Never Getting Back Together, it’s typical for Taylor to pass the mic to one of her dancers Kameron Saunders  after saying “We are never getting back together” and he says something in the language of the country they’re in, or in the dialect, or local slang, which has constant appeal to the crowds.

On the first night, Kam shouted “Nae Chance” to a screaming audience, and Saturday night he laughed “Ya Wee Radge”, again, to truly delighted fans.



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