Unhappy returns for Rod Stewart at 69

You Wear It Well! Rocker Rod Stewart looked less than amused at the prospect of his approaching 69th birthday when he was snapped by his daughter Ruby Stewart during a birthday dinner with his family.

Ruby Stewarts Instagram snap of dad Rod showing age has not lessened his sense of humour

Though he sported a comedy nose, the singer’s expression was closer to the glum one he wore on the cover of his 1972 album Never A Dull Moment.

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His daughter, who is a singer in her own right, then posted it online at Stewart’s request, with the message: “My dad asked me to capture this moment and to ‘send it around the world’ for his 69th birthday …Hope he is not disappointed ”

The singer, who celebrates his big day on Friday, was also captured on camera while out with wife Penny Lancaster and children on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles. He wowed Scottish audiences last year when he played the inaugural concerts for Glasgow’s new Hydro venue.