Video: Six reasons Scotland is most beautiful during winter

From the technicolour blooms of the Autora to the ethereal golden haze gilding the landscape from dawn til dusk, Scotland looks incredible during winter.

Scotland has earned a global reputation for both breathtaking landscapes and harsh weather climate, but as the winter months roll in sometimes the two align in a splendourous fashion.

Loch Morlich in Aviemore is a fine example of a tranquil destination refreshed with a whole new postcard-perfect look after a light coat of frost and snow.

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All of Scotland’s walks, hikes, treks and climbs are born anew, but it’s important to be aware some will undoubtably become more perilous with each cold winter night.

Scotland's largest mountain, Ben Nevis, looks impressive during winterScotland's largest mountain, Ben Nevis, looks impressive during winter
Scotland's largest mountain, Ben Nevis, looks impressive during winter

Dialing the ‘chance of certain death’ back down to a five, snowboarders and skiiers look forward to the first fresh powder of the season. While there’s no disputing the thrill of the descent, it’s hard not to stop to take in the panoramic views of glistening white mountain tops under a deep blue sky.

With the days shrinking back to make way for longer nights, you don’t have to be up at the crack of dawn to take in one of the best sunrises in the world, according to Lonely Planet.

The Shetland Isles have no shortage of isolated beaches, perfect for a spiritual moment of self-reflection. Perhaps the best sky show comes at night, when the Aurora Borealis shimmers and glides across the sky.

The Northern Lights are usually only visible during the winter months and up North gives the best views in the country. Scotland has innumerable spots away from the bright lights of civilisation so you can get the full effect of one of nature’s greatest phenomenas.