Knoydart, ‘Scotland’s last great wilderness’

‘Knoydart - Shaped by Wilderness’ is the first in a series of beautifully shot short films from Wilderness Scotland which explores the people, places and, in this case, the food of the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

The Knoydart peninsula on Scotland’s north-west coast is often called Britain’s last great wilderness, due to its inaccessibility and dramatic wild landscape.

Home to just 120 residents and only accessible by boat or on foot, it is isolated from the rest of the Western Highlands by the ‘rough bounds’ - a notorious strip of mountainous terrain which provides a challenge to even the most intrepid.

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This film gives an insight into life there, from local people who have spent most of their lives in Knoydart and others who have chosen to make it their home, such as farmers, crofters and restaurant owners.

They share the best in fresh local produce that their region has to offer, just as nature intended.

In the film we hear of and see them catching crab, prawn fishing and scallop diving. The values they live by and their approach to food are shaped by their isolated location but not controlled by it, making it a very special place for visitors.

• Produced by Rupert Shanks ( for Wilderness Scotland ( Music: Three-Two by Clogs