Flock around fun: bleating a trail to the Royal Highland Show

This year, the Royal Highland Show is celebrating the return of Golden Shears World Sheep Shearing & Woolhandling Championships with a massive cross-country public art trail called Flock to the Show – join us as we round them up individually. Today: Marigold by Sarah Richmond sponsored by Immediate Waste & Resource Management
Don’t miss a bleat of this fantastic trail to the Royal Highland ShowDon’t miss a bleat of this fantastic trail to the Royal Highland Show
Don’t miss a bleat of this fantastic trail to the Royal Highland Show

The Golden Shears World Sheep Shearing & Woolhandling Championships is returning to the Royal Highland Show in June after 20 years.

Held in the MacRobert Theatre, more than 35 countries from across the world will battle it out to see who is the fastest sheep shearer and who has the best woolhandling technique.

The highly-anticipated event will feature 39 decorated sheep sculptures that are currently on tour across Scotland in the Flock to the Show public art trail.

The Scotsman is the media partner for both events and the Royal Highland Show is held from 22 to 25 June.

Visit the website at royalhighlandshow.org

Meet the artist

Sarah Richmond is an artist and illustrator working in Edinburgh who specialises in creating artworks which incorporate the use of colour pencil, gouache, and acrylic paint.

She draws her artistic inspiration from the colours, textures, and shapes found in the natural world.

Her designs are characterised by their cheerful, lively colours, which aim to infuse people’s lives with joy and positivity. And the artist’s passion for colour, pattern, and mark-making is evident in her pieces.

Sarah says: “This design explores the decorative pattern created through the repetition of line, shape, and colours, inspired by natural forms found in the hedgerows lining our fields and roads.

“Hidden within the tangle of branches and bursts of colour, there is a haven for a wide array of life – plants, native birds, and small mammals. “The next time you’re near a hedgerow, stop and experience the true diversity of life, and appreciate the intrinsic beauty of these wild habitats.”


Marigold by Sarah Richmond raises awareness of advanced animal welfare.

Scotland is a leader in this field, due to its comprehensive animal welfare legislation, high standards of farming practices, and commitment to promoting ethical and sustainable methods.

Scottish agriculture has been a leader in animal welfare for over 50 years, having benefited from strict regulations on the treatment of animals, ensuring their welfare is a top priority.

This has resulted in high standards and best practices across the industry, leading to a solid reputation overseas.

This focus on animal welfare has led to increased consumer confidence and demand for Scottish produce on a global scale, raising the prestige and competitiveness of Scottish agricultural products.

Additionally, it has provided a template for other countries to follow, which has led to more widespread adoption of high animal welfare standards worldwide.

Meet the sponsor

Immediate Waste & Resource Management is an all-in-one service for waste management needs.

It is an environmental services management company which provides integrated waste management solutions and specialist cleaning services, as well as consultancy and environmental project management.

Based in central Scotland, the company’s qualified team are experienced environmental sector, logistics and operation professionals. They deliver bespoke waste management solutions, from individual events to ongoing daily waste solutions.

The company says: “We have worked closely with the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland, Royal Highland Centre and the Royal Highland Show for many years, and we were privileged to watch the Flock come together.”

Find your fleece

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