Pros and cons of online dating as a senior

Online dating can be a daunting and overwhelming prospect - even at the best of times.

Dating as a senior does not need to be a scary or overwhelming prospect with the help of this guide to the pros and cons
Dating as a senior does not need to be a scary or overwhelming prospect with the help of this guide to the pros and cons

The fear of rejection or not knowing if you are being catfished or not can make a lot of people hesitant to put themselves out there and this is only compounded as we head into our golden years. Over 60s dating does not need to be something scary and can be just as rewarding as dating in your 20s - if not more so!

There is this myth that once you turn a certain age you are expected to shuffle off to a dusty house filled with porcelain statues, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Senior dating and specifically online dating for seniors is a veritable treasure trove of incredible people with decades of life experience.

Now, you are probably wondering how older people date? Well, the answer might surprise you because it’s really not that different to people 20 or 30 years younger - and in some aspects, it might even be more efficient!

What’s the rush?

The first advantage when it comes to dating as a senior is something that the younger generations will no doubt envy - there is no need to rush to find someone. This might surprise you but if you think about it, the youth face all sorts of pressures. Some examples could be trying to start a family or finding their “forever” home.

None of these applies anymore when you are growing older and are free to do things at your own pace. You have had all of those milestones and now you are just looking for someone to keep you company and make some new memories without any of the hassles that plague the younger generations.

This does not come without a catch, though. While there is no pressure to do all of these things, you are aware that your time together might be limited.

Knowing that you might not have 20 or 30 years left with someone can be a hard pill to swallow, but this only makes the time you have with them all the more precious and every new memory made is cherished like never before.

Knowing what you want

The next advantage for older people is that you have had decades to figure out what you want and what you are looking for in someone.

There is less uncertainty when it comes to deciding if someone is a potential partner because you have most likely kissed more than enough frogs to know when Prince Charming comes along!

The flip side of this means that you will not settle for less than you know to be worth your while. This could make finding a match tougher, but the payoff is arguably worth it!

The golden circle in your golden years

This leads to the final perk when it comes to online senior dating. As you progress in your years, your social circle will inevitably get smaller and smaller as loved ones pass on. This does not mean that your social and dating life has to wither away as well. Thanks to the wonderful world of senior dating sites and dating apps, you can now have a burgeoning social life once again. You really are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing an app or site that is right for you - it all depends on what you are looking for.

Putting yourself back out there can be exciting and exhilarating and make you feel young again. But it comes with the same issue faced by younger people that often deters them from dating. Talking to new people and realising that they are not your match and having this happen numerous times can take the wind out of your sails. Even more so if you are longing for someone to spend a few more good years with. This is by no means a reason to not get back into dating and there are plenty of online dating tips for seniors out there to make the process more enjoyable.

This all probably sounds very enticing and hopefully, you are already thinking about ways to create the perfect online dating profile, but it begs the question: do senior dating sites work?

Well, the truth is that this all depends on what you are looking for and if you are willing to keep trying until you find it. It’s for this reason that dating as a senior is not all that different from dating in your youth. If you are patient, open-minded, honest and dedicated to being yourself then you won’t be disappointed!

Just remember to have fun with it, enjoy the process of meeting new people along the way!